Is low carb sustainable? The answer is yes, if you ask Brian

Some people claim that weight loss on low carb is unsustainable in the long run. But is that really true?

Well, Brian certainly doesn’t think so. He has lost 100 lbs (45 kg) on a low-carb diet and kept it off for nine years now. Congratulations!

You can read his full story here:

Maintaining a 100-pound weight loss for seven years

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  1. Birgit Mitchell (age 64)
    Last august, my doctor told me that I had full blown diabetes. He said he would like to keep me off medication and suggested I drop some of the carbs from my diet. At that time I weighed in at 237 pounds on my 5'6" frame. Yes, I was obese, gaining a few too many pounds from years of virtually no activity because of severe hip pain from arthritis in one and then the other hip. I had surgery to replace both hips, but it took 5 years.
    On the way home, I decided I would try to cut as many carbs as I could from my diet. The next day was friday, my regular shopping day and I spent a long time in the grocery store reading carb content on EVERY food I normally bought and some new ones. I was horrified to find how many carbs were in the food I was eating. Sugar was in everything. I always knew there were carbs in pasta, potatoes, and rice, but was blissfully unaware that sugar was added to so many canned and prepared foods. But, I was also pleasantly surprised how may foods did not have any carbs. That day I dropped sugar from my coffee, and all the starches. I always thought I ate pretty healthily because I don't like deep fried foods, potato chips, or chocolate bars . I thought fruit juice was a pretty good choice because I diluted it with half water. Reading the label on fruit juice containers was a real eye opener. I immediately dropped juice and drank water instead. Canned fish has no carbs, nor does cheese, eggs, meat and so many veggies. I started looking on line for some recipes. I discovered cauliflower rice, which quickly became the 'white' on my plate. I explored the numerous low carb diets, but I am not good at following diets and just dropped the foods with carbs in them. I started this diet to control my diabetes, but noticed immediately that i was loosing weight. Fast. What a great side effect! By Christmas I lost 40 pounds. In January my doctor told me my diabetes was gone and my blood sugar was excellent. Since then, I have only lost another 15 pounds, but the weight loss is still on the decline, albeit slower. I feel better, have more energy and can walk much easier. Yes, I miss some things, especially fruit. But I have gotten used to not having bread with my breakfast, for example and found that you can find just about any recipe with a low carb version. It took me a while to accept that fat is not my enemy, having heard all my life about how bad fat is for you. Healthy fat is not bad for you, starch and sugar is. And having both is literally deadly. Now, I can make some awesome low carb recipes that most of my friends don,t even realize are low carb until I tell them. Remember, fat is flavor.
    For breakfast I have 2 slices bacon, some cheese, a hard boiled egg and a small handful of blueberries. Yes, I know that they have sugar but they are SO good for you. I froze them last summer and love eating them frozen. Lunch is usually a salad, and home made soup or leftovers from last nights low carb dinner. In a pinch, i have some canned tuna, on a bed of lettuces Dinner is easy, check online for hundreds of delicious low carb meals, even desserts and snacks.
    Last month, as my daughter was starting a low carb diet, I realized my 'diet' had become a way of life. I know I can have potatoes etc sometimes, just not every day and just not sòooo much of it. Now I don't even miss the carbs anymore and l seem to have lost my craving for sugar.
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  2. Linda
    Awesome story! Thank you! 😊
  3. Cynthia
    Awesome!!!! I would like to share your stiry! How do i share?
  4. Marcie Pribula
    You can find Keto bread recipes on Pinterest. 90 second Keto bread is delicious and tastes like wheat bread if you use almond or pecan flour.
  5. Mark Curran
    Good luck.

    I went from 230lbs to 146, reduced BP from 200/100, to 113/70, by high carb plant based diet.

    Whatever works.

  6. Alyson Fishel
    Keto is not good for you if you don’t have a gallbladder or had the gastric bypass surgery in the past. Correct?
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  7. Belle
    I'm fine.. gall bladder gone.. and I have no problems.. this is my way of life.. love it!!!
  8. Leesa
    Way to go Birgit!! 👍😊
  9. Maddy Shenk
    Gall bladder only stores excess bile that the liver produces. You can definitely do keto and low carb worth no gall bladder. People who have failed after gastric bypass succeed on keto. Look up Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan and check out her videos on youtube. She failed on gastric bypass and is a champion keto, and has written a couple excellent cook books. She also works with and Dr Andreas wrote the forward to her book "Keto Living Day by Day."
  10. Anne
    Oh Birgit, how wonderful to hear about Your way to better health! Exactly what I needed to hear today!
  11. jo
    I had full blown gastric bypass 20 years ago nor do I have a gallbladder. My weight just started creeping up the last couple of years. I have lost 25 lbs since March 23, and no issues. So I say go for Keto.
  12. Russell
    I lost 30 pounds on Low Carb over the course of two years. It was serendipity rearing its ugly head because I was actually not doing it specifically to lose weight, but rather as a response to prediabetes and bad Triglyceride/HDL ratio. I was also being badgered by doctors to take statins, (which I did for 10 years.) They told me I'd die if I got off them (which seemed preferable to staying on them, to tell the truth given all the nasty things they did to me - and it took a long time to figure it out because I wasn't in tune to all the complaints about them; had to figure it out on my own.) Anyway, whenever I see "Low carb is unsustainable" I find that upon closer inspection, what is really meant is "If you lose weight on low carb, when get off low carb, you regain the weight." That seems tautological to me. If you change your diet, then go back to eating the way you did before the change (i.e. the way that got you in trouble in the first place) after you achieve some arbitrary number, then you will probably regain the weight. The "unsustainable" claims made miss the point: It's not going low carb that is unsustainable. They are conflating weight gain from getting off low carb with the actual fact of getting off low carb; the weight stays off for most as long as they continue the low carb lifestyle which I at least certainly have done. (BTW hba1c dropped from 5.9 to 5.1; TriG/HDL rato dropped from 7.5 to 2.6.)

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