Is low carb expensive?

Many people believe it’s expensive to eat low carb or keto. But is it really?

According to this story, it’s even possible to save thousands of dollars per month by eating real low-carb food:

Carrie Brown: Show Me the Money!

When you start considering how much you can save in health care costs by staying healthy with real food, the relatively small costs of grass-fed meat or organic produce don’t seem to matter that much.

Have you saved money by eating low carb?



  1. Brenda E.
    Restaurants and take out account for much , much less of our food budget. We are definitely saving money cooking for ourselves even considering the higher quality food. And enjoying it more, too. At this point, future health savings are just gravy!
  2. gbl
    My food budget has grown since I am not eating much root vegs (some...) and no lentils, rice, barley, beans. oatmeal or course grain bread (European style). And since I'm eating more meat and fat, EOO and good fatty meat without pesticides et al is very expensive. I just can't bring myself to eat chemical laden animal/fat.I am eating more carbs still than most here. I don't eat out or buy junk, never did.

    Doz eggs yesterday $7. They are golden orange and sooo delicious.

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  4. Mark Bousquet
    Six months into my LCHF lifestyle and I noticed my bank balances getting bigger and bigger.
    I wondered why and on further inspection realized I wasn't spending money on Delivery or eating out as much anymore (just sushi once a week). That's a savings of about $1k-$2k a month!!

    Also, when I started the LCHF journey 3 years ago I had about a $12-15k credit card debt. With all the savings from no longer eating all that "carbage", I was able to pay it all off last year! Now I'm working on my student loan debt. Hope to retire that by 2020!

    Moral of the Story
    LCHF = More Money in the Bank!

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  5. gbl
    Lucky me. Today I can buy about half a lb chicken livers for $9. Organic free range, no hormones or pesticides in feed, no antibiotics. I just have to drive a bit to get them. Happy.
  6. adam
    Mark, if you spend over $2,000 a month on food for yourself I can only imagine how big you are. I weight nearly 200 pounds and I probably spend about $200 a month on food.

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