Is keto the key to reversing type 2 diabetes?

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Is a keto diet the key to reversing type 2 diabetes and possibly ceasing to take medications for the condition? In the Virta Health study which was released just recently, the results speak loud and clear.

Here’s a new interview with Virta’s head of research, James McCarter, about the method:

Using nutritional ketosis as an underlying part of the physiology approach has a tremendous impact on people’s ability to succeed in getting glycemic control, which is reduction in medications, improvement in metabolic health, and reduction in weight.

Reason: Is keto the cure for type II diabetes?


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1-year results of the Virta Health keto study


    Hello, I am a Type 2 Diabetic interested in learning more. This is exciting news; I would love to participate in your trials. I am 66 years of age, African American woman living in California. I am managing with meds but would like help in reversing it. I had a dr. that told me it was impossible to do so. Please count me in. Thank you.
  2. Vernessa M Mitchell
    Good afternoon.
    My name is Vernessa. I am interested in becoming a participant of your keto diet to reverse type 2 diabetes trial. My type 2 diabetes is managed with oral medication. I would love to manage my diabetes with appropriate food selections. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.
  3. Rose Bugnay
    I started keto diet in January 2016. I have PCOS for a long time and I am not happy with what my family doctor prescribes each time I go see him.. I researched about different kind of diets that will suit my lifestyle and not give up meat.. I came across Dr. Eric Berg's website and youtube videos and I was hooked.. I lost 25 lbs in two months just changing my lifestyle.. I cook my own food and ever since my periods had been normal and I have kept my new weight. I stopped all medications and I have been happier with the results.. Give it a try.. You will be amazed.
  4. Richard
    I have type 2 diabetes. I have been on the Keto diet for 18 weeks now. My sugar before Keto was on average, 450. I was taking over 120 units of Lantus and 80+ units of RU500 insulin on top of taking other meds. Since being on Keto, I take metformin and less than 30 units of Lantus a day. My sugar has not been over 110 in 10 weeks now.
  5. Lisa Tosoff
    I was on 3 BP meds prediabetic started keto Feb 16th n now down to 1 BP med n March 28th find out my status on diabetes.
    I'm not a fan of diets...I find keto more of a plan.I'm still learning.I'm 49 been fat since age 9.I had gastric bypass in 2007.gained it all back.I self sabatoge to protect myself.
    I don't know how it will be for me but I'm going to try my best with no stress n learn this keto
    It's kinda expensive being on diability but my mom helps me.I have a great support system this time. I didn't with surgery.
  6. Susan
    I am 60 and lost 50 pounds in 6 months so far on a a Keto diet. I am taking only 25% of the insulin I was previously taking and my acanthosis is going away. I have 50 more to lose. I will never go back to a carb diet. I feel too good now. I hope to get off insulin completely.
  7. Sue Thompson
    I was diagnosed with type 2 in June and started low carb that month. I was testing at fasting around 165. Now I'm in the low 90's most mornings. I stay around 100-150 carbs per day, so not keto, but definitely a lot lower carbs than I was eating!!! I've also lost 34 pounds, which is awesome too. My A1C has dropped from 6.8 to 5.7. almost a complete reversal. My Dr told me I might have cured myself. I still eat carbs because realistically, I don't think I could give up all of it, but I love the 100-150 range that I chose. Completely maintainable to me.
  8. Barb Wood
    I am a 56 yr old post menopausal woman and I started learning and eating Keto style approximately 2-3 months ago. I have lost a significant amount of weight and feel better than I have in years. My pain and brain fog from Fibro is much better as well.

    My friend is a 54 yr old male, type 2 diabetic and 2 months post heart surgery. He had a severe heart infection caused while in hospital from a pic line that was needed for antibiotics he needed due to a foot infection brought on by his diabetes. The surgeon 'cleaned' the heart and 2 upper valves were replaced. He also had 2 arteries opened and stents were put in. After the 11 hour surgery, the surgeon didnt give us much hope when he said "his heart is so damaged that sewing in the valves was like sewing on to butter."

    We are 8-10 weeks post surgery and twice this man has been rushed to the hospital by ambulance because his sugar was so high that the paramedics couldnt get a read on it. This means over 40. Not the first time this has happened.

    Im going to go with him to his next appt and talk to his Dr. about me teaching my friend about Keto. Im asking your opinion to see if this is something you think may help him to keep his sugars under control, therefor helping him to stay out of hospitals and hopefully away from super bugs that love to hang out in hospitals.

    This man has been my friend since we were teenagers and Im not ready to say Good bye to him yet. Im hoping Keto is a step in the right direction.

  9. Ba
    I was on metformin 500mg twice daily + glimpermide 5mg twice a day + onglayaza once daily.

    Now I am drug free for last one month.

    Have been diagnosed diabetic for last 15 years and on ever increasing drugs..

    Hope to carry on without drugs for rest of my life..

  10. Jessica
    I'm a 57-year old woman who noticed my Ha1c was 5.8 (prediabetic) on recent blood test. I was having a few health issues and when I noticed Ha1c, I asked Dr about it. She wasn't concerned and said try changing "diet and exercise," whatever that meant.
    I watched countless Youtube videos about low carb/high fat eating, did the "diet". Three months later, I lost 20 lbs, Ha1c is 4.9. I am as thin as in my 30s, beyond happy. My biggest health issue before was terrible hot the point I came home and put ice packs on my chest. Now? Hot flashes are 85% gone.
    Don't wait for a Dr to advise you of this way of living! They'll go broke!
    Educate yourselves, go onto YouTube, search either "low carb high fat" or "LCHF."
    There are countless videos by researchers, MDs, PhDs, talking to other doctors.
    I never imagined that I could be so happy with my body post-50. I should have been eating this way since my 40s... belly weight gone!
  11. Evas
    All this is great to know, but what about damage to the kidneys from all the animal protein being consumed? It is a fact, that to much animal protein damages the kidney.
    I'm just curious if those who describe such a success with keto diet had the function of their kidneys checked. Especially those, that took meds for many years.
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  12. Jessica
    There are YouTube videos addressing that non-issue as well (re: above kidney).
    Start with Dr. Jason Fung (a nephrologist).
  13. Nancy
    @Evas, this is low carb, high fat, NOT high protein. You shouldn't be eating any more protein than someone eating high carb, low fat.
  14. Gentiann
    I agree with Nancy.
    I want to add that it's not true that proteins damage normal healthy kidneys. This is not a "fact" but a false information promoted by some vegan websites.
  15. Evas
    I agree with you Gentiann, that to much animal protein does not damage healthy kidneys. However, excess protein force the kidneys to work harder. If the person has mild kidney impairment, proteins and especially animal proteins do harm their function, damaging them farther.
    It is a "fact", no doctor will deny.
  16. Christian
    The was an article on last week on the keto diet (of course citing Kevin Hall). The usual nonsense, but what really got me going that they said keto doesn't reverse D2 because you can't resume eating high carb. Talk about the definition of madness...
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  17. Joker
    Hi, I'm 51yo asian with D2 since 7years ago and I'm on 2 daily antidiabetic pills. Im also hypertensive taking 3 types of pills. Im very much interested in partcipating in ypur clinical trial. Ive tried everything from diet and exercise but my A1c never goes below 6.3 though my weight has gone down from 186 to 168.. thanks
  18. Gentiann
    Julia Belluz, who wrote it, is very biased toward lowcarb.
    She is a close friend (or girl friend) of Yoni Freedhoff, a Canadian obesity doctor who actively defends CICO and bariatric surgery and is very critical of low carb / keto. He is a fan of Stephan Guyenet and Kevin Hall. Surprise, surprise !
  19. Evas
    @Nancy; well I don't think keto is low protein. There is a picture, 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon and some plants. If every meal is somewhat similar, that is a lot of animal protein. Based on what you wrote, there should be one egg or one bacon on the plate, to make it LOW PROTEIN, along with the veggies and extra fat, maybe in the bowl ,to make the meal HIGH FAT. You can't have it both ways.
  20. Success
    @Evas!! I have been on Keto diet for almost 2years now, been eating eggs, bacon and other meat, when I heard about this kidney thing I went to check and it was fresh like a baby..
    Keto is natural rejuvenation to the body, if you will like to try, please do so you can be sure on your argument, if not please don't discourage people for Keto is good.

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