Is everyone better off not eating grains?

Is everyone better off not eating grains? I’m not sure, but Paleo/Primal guru Mark Sisson believes so, and explains it in this short segment of an earlier interview.

Stopping eating grains for a few weeks can be an interesting experience – perhaps you’ll notice something different? Or perhaps you already have, in that case feel free to leave a comment about it below.

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  1. Pierre
    He is right at 100%

    People don't realize how they poison themselves by eating grains.

  2. Bev
    I agree - he is right. If I eat anything with grain in it after being LCHF and grain free for so long I know about it within half an hour - bloating, cramps and next day all my old joint pains are back (worst in my finger joints) and it takes a week or more of grain free eating to get rid of these unwanted effects.
  3. tony
    Mark Sisson's paleo diet is very difficult to follow. For example, it's impossible to find a woolly mammoth to hunt and eat.
  4. Anne
    After trying a number of times to follow an LCHF diet while including limited grains such as low-carb bread and low-carb tortillas, I only found that they made my cravings return. It was very hard to eat these things in moderation. So I avoid grains entirely, and I do just fine. I've lost 60 pounds, and have another 40 to go.
  5. Janknitz
    Anne, You won't find any grains on Dr. Enefeldt's LCHF recommendations, and I suspect if Dr. Atkins was still around he would forbid reintroduction of grains on the Atkins diet, knowing what we know now. Congratulations on your success!
  6. Brenda
    I am a 62 year old obese female. Over the last 10 years, maybe longer, I have had increasing stiffness in my muscles. When I got up in the morning, it was taking longer and longer to get the stiffness out and recently, my joints were also beginning to ache. In my work, I sit for long hours in front of a computer screen, and when I rose from my chair, I hobbled until I could work the stiffness out. I thought it was because I was fat, or I didn't exercise enough, or I was getting old. I love gardening and I feared that it was only a matter of time before I would no longer be able to work in my garden. I had recently read Gary Taubes book 'Why We Get Fat', which prompted me to try the LCHF diet. The greatest surprise was after one week, all my aches and pains vanished! I feel a decade younger. I had no idea how inflammatory my diet had been. After a month, I have lost 12lbs, but if I never lose another pound it will be worth it just to be able to move again.
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  7. Tor H
    I've experienced pretty much of the same ting, everything just went away when I gave up grains.
    Grains are not meant to be eaten by us and most animals, so the plants tries its best to hinder that by adding poisoneous substances to prevent animals and humans from eating their seeds.
    Fruits on the other hand are meant to be eaten, and their seeds passes through the animals unharmed.

    What do we need grains for again?
    They are not natural food for us humans, or cats, horses or dogs etc. etc. :)

  8. Murray
    Yuval Harari's book Sapiens makes a good point about the shift from hunter gatherer to grain-based agrarian society. This enabled accumulation of wealth and stratification of power, which healthwise and and in many other ways was detrimental to most people. Powerful ideology was therefore required to sustain grain-based diet and culture. The ideology has been in place for millennia and deeply rooted in the collective psyche. So it is natural that promoting a grain-free diet will evoke deep hostility, as it makes people uncomfortable at a constitutive level cognitively. For others, the empirically manifest benefits of a grain elimination experiment trump ideological imprinting.
  9. Pamela
    I never thought I could live without my morning breakfast cereal, bread and other grains throughout the day. Then, as an experiment, I gave them up for two weeks. To my surprise, no more afternoon "sleepies", mental clarity and feeling good in general. Now I feel so much better I am maintaining my grain-free life.
  10. Dawn Feagan
    I've been on a grain free low carb diet for a month now. Before, I was tired. I would get migraine type headaches every day for a year. Joints hurt, acid reflux, IBS, etc., within 2 weeks all that disappeared. So I am a true believer.
  11. Raquel
    My name is Raquel, 44, work sitting all day long. Used to put on 3kg a year. focused on getting out obsity condition. I've try every diet i couldnt keep. I am realy greatful about the good information I' ve been learning from dietdoctor, because with This new diet my joints aren't bothering me anymore, my atsma condition improved. Almost no more need of medication to my lungs. Craving for carbos gone. No more PMT simptoms, as pain and headach. On diet LCHF since januery/2016. Lost about 300grams / week. Still a long way to go, but happy to find the way with you. Get motiveted by you videos. Thank you.

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