Insane dieting: the bulimia device

Do you want to keep eating the same food and live the same way and still lose weight? Now there’s a way!

A new medical device – AspireAssist – is implanted as a tube into your stomach. This means that after eating you can enter a bathroom and empty your stomach contents into the toilet (yes, really).

Mail Online: The ‘eat like a pig’ slimming device that will turn your stomach: Controversial product pumps users’ stomachs after food binges

Not surprisingly some people report weight loss and improved diabetes after implanting the device. And perhaps it could even be a good idea for someone. At least we’re not removing healthy bodily organs as in many other kinds of obesity surgery.

The Problem

The problem is that this procedure isn’t really necessary. There’s no need to surgically implant a new tube into the stomach. We were born with one! It’s called the esophagus and people have been using it to throw up unwanted food for a long time… by just putting two fingers into their throat. Yes, it’s the eating disorder bulimia.

While bulimia may help people lose weight it’s likely never something that medical professionals recommend for weight loss. Bulimia sounds so nasty, it needs a rebranding. And now it’s here: the AspireAssist device.

It’s the cleaner way to do bulimia.

Another Option

Of course there’s a saner option to lose weight. Like following these guidelines. They are not just bulimia-free, they are totally free:

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  1. Lynda
    I had to Google AspireAssist to make sure that this was a real device and not a joke!! Unbelievable.
  2. MMQ
    Wouldn't this device just encourage the user to binge-eat even more?
  3. Chris D
    I don't know, but I think it wouldn't work for people that don't actually have the disorder bulimia. I would think that constantly empting your stomach would just make you hungry all the time. You would eventually succumb to hunger and keep a full belly anyway.
  4. D one
    How does your body get the nutrients if you constantly empty your bowels immediately you eat or before the food is digested? Can someone explain?
    Reply: #5
  5. Hannah
    It doesn't. If the food doesn't leave your stomach and enter your intestines then nutrients are not absorbed, and eventually could probably lead to malnutrition. This device is a terrible idea.

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