1. Jackie
    When is someone going to recommend that these patients change their diet. I feel that some people carry on eating in their usual way knowing that they can have an operation to make it better. My father in law thought that having a bypass operation gave him the green light to continue smoking, he died of course! Education, education, cut out junk, listen to what your gut tells you. Just go back forty years to see how they all ate and didn't have the obesity probs that are all over the world today. I am lucky to have lived and ate forty years ago, so changing my way of eating to lchf from what I (like everyone else) have believed to have been better for me was easy, comforting and bought back delicious memories of eating perfect dishes as a child. There is nothing complicated about this change.
  2. johnnyv
    It is hard not to laugh at these things now, but not long ago while fat and unhealthy this sort of junk would be a consideration.
    The idea that you could eat to satiation and lose fat mass and improve energy levels sounded like a load of BS(especially because everything mainstream told you it was), until you actually experience it.
    Then again most people have wildly enthusiastic ideas about diets, thinking they can reverse decades of damage in a few months, it takes years to undo.
  3. Zadrik1337
    There is a local doctor who is advertising the crap out of these on local radio and TV. I cringe every time I hear it. Back around 1995 my sister had a stomach staple to loose weight. It didn't work and she had health problems from that for years. Just eat real food and you don't need to mutilate your organs.
  4. Sally Pace
    $6000 for 8kgs? You could hire a chef to cook you fresh food and teach you how to eat again.
  5. Galina L.
    Unfortunately, stomach is stretchable. I found that eating bulky food was less effective than eating fat food in small amounts.
  6. Angelyne
    So their premise is that people are fat because there is too much room in their stomach ?
  7. Daci
    >When is someone going to recommend that these patients change their diet.

    They won't cause no one big company will make a huge profit.

  8. Galina L.
    Unfortunately, too many people agree to almost any treatment done on them, take any pills, rather than doing something themselves, even when it is recommended by a doctor.
  9. Suzanne D.
    For me, this would be a last resort because I'm still on the LCHF bandwagon. I can see the morbidly obese resorting to this rather than getting a radical bypass or stomach stapling. It is the better alternative (and reversible) considering what could go wrong and the fact that those who resort to radical surgery have a shorter lifespan.
  10. Geraldine
    I inserted The Inflatable Balloon as it is quite a common way to lose weight here in Rio De Janeiro. You have to change your eating habits and you exercise and follow their diet. IF you are not one of the 1% of people who are allergic to it and whose body rejects it , like me. I vomited for six weeks solid , lost 13kgs and was weak, faced and almost couldn't get on & off a bus. I spent a fortune and they have no Plan number 2.
    Basically my health was seriously impaired. BUT many people here are still doing it.

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