In search of the perfect human diet

Yes! I finally got to see the new film In Search of the Perfect Human Diet and it’s really good.

I won’t tell you what the Perfect Human Diet is – you’ll just have to see the movie. I can give a clue though: this is not a vegan movie. It’s based on evolution and science, not wishful thinking.

The movie features interviews with luminaries like Dr. Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, Gary Taubes, Dr. Michael Eades, Dr. Barry Sears and Dr. Jay Wortman. Since the movie has been in production for a number of years some of them look a bit younger than usual. Apparently the perfect diet does not promise eternal youth – we’ll have to do with health and well-being.

To me this is now the number one movie to see about healthy real food. Also highly recommended: My Big Fat Diet, Fat Head and Food, Inc. Have you seen any of them? What do you think?

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  1. Funderaren
    Intresting movie for sure, evolution doesnt make us eat poison. Pure logic.
  2. Maggan A
    I dont know about the rest of you folks, but after more than one year with LCHF i have lost 15 kilos and look ten years younger. I´m 50+ but feel like 20 again :-)
  3. mab
    This movie had some interesting content I had not seen before, like how they can tell what people used to eat through chemical analysis and archeology, and I liked a lot of the interviews. However, I don't think it was a good movie overall. There was very little searching in the search for the perfect diet. The movie seemed to be created with the end in mind. Viewpoints opposing paleo got only lip service. The author of the movie may have gone on a ten year search, but it played out more like propaganda. I doubt it will convince anyone who is not already convinced.
  4. Will
    my sister is a doctor and she is extremely against my following LCHF.. she keeps repeating the official US guidelines of "balanced diet". I cant even get her to listen to your lecture. I have lost 20 lbs in one month on LCHF. I am now never hungry and I have to remind myself to eat. I only had 4 rough days of transition. I am so glad that I didnt give up. The fifth day I woke up and for the first time ever I wasnt hungry at all. I had a constant supply of energy from my fat stores. It was kind of like a laptop which when plugged in never uses battery power. Once you remove the power cord (insulin spiking carbs in this analogy), the computer can start draining the battery(fat stores).
    I am still getting over my fear of saturated fats and increasing butter in my diet slowly. I am now 90%+ convinced that saturated fats are the best and the so called healthy vegetable oils are the worst.
  5. JAUS
    #4 She sounds really close minded if she doesn't even want to listen to it. Try pointing that out to her, if she is so sure that she is right then she should have no problem watching Doc's lecture. A sceptic is not close minded, a true sceptic is open minded and curious but still sceptical. You should point out that she's behaving like little child, when she won't even listen to your arguments.
  6. Will
    she's not the only doctor who is extremely close minded about this.... this low fat dogma is drilled in to you so much in the US that people accept it like some kind of divine religion...
    i too believed this nonsense but when I came across evidence to the contrary... i was at least open minded enough to give it a try... im just glad i found out about it at age 30...
    i have tried to provide her with videos/research papers... however, whenever i talk to her she says she hasnt yet had the time to look at it... and keeps saying that i am going to seriously hurt myself by being in ketosis... i told her that ketosis is not the same as ketoacidosis... and she said regardless of that... ketone bodies will put strain on my kidneys.. and that i must go back to a 'balanced diet' and any extreme diet is harmful...arghhhhh... saw a youtube video with the head of the american heart association who was repeating this same 'balanced diet' mantra... thats like including meat in rabits diet and calling it a balanced diet... humans didnt evolve to eat processed carbs... so including them in a diet is in no way balanced..
  7. Funderaren
    Will the best thing you can do, is just to continue your journey and prove her wrong. You seem to have gotten a great start. :)

    As for vegetable oil, they are not all bad but they are not that good either. Natural processed oil from olives wont kill you. But neither will natural butter. Enjoy both in your healty lifestyle.

  8. Looking forward to watching "In search of the perfect human diet". So far I think the "Fat Head" film is the best in my low carb porn film collection. "My big fat diet" brought up an important subject with native americans suffering even worse with the high carb diet than the rest of us but the film did not have the quality I expected.

    Another "low carb" film every low carber has to have is Jimmy Abrahams "First Do No Harm" with Maryl Streep. A dramatization of Jimmy Abrahams familys struggle against the convetional wisdom medicine to get their epileptic son Charlie on the ketogenic diet. "Fat Head" makes me laugh, "First Do No Harm" makes me cry but in a postivie way.

  9. Will, the low fat dogma started five or six decades ago and the pharmaceutical and food processing industries have based their products based on this dogma. These industries make billions of dollars each year and are major employers.

    Consider this: If you have a rock solid belief in something for all your life, and this belief is at the very core of who you are, what you stand for and the basis of your financial existence - then one day it dawns on you that you have been wrong about your belief, not just wrong but totally, utterly and catastrophically wrong about your belief, what would you do?

    Would you simply proclaim that you have been wrong all along for many decades? You would lose your reputation, you would lose your social standing, your peers would shun you, you could lose your job, you could lose your house, how would you pay for your car, holidays and children's schooling? Your comfortable family life would be broken and shattered for ever.

    With so much to lose how many people would even dare think about proclaiming that they have been wrong. It takes a big, big person to put the truth ahead of his reputation and family.

    Now, back to the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Remember their very existence depends on the contiuation of the low fat dogma. What would happen if these industries admitted that their products rather than helping to cure heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc, instead their products actually have been the driving force in the rise of these diseases - what would happen to them? The industries would collapse overnight. The directors would lose their reputation, they would lose their social standing, their peers would shun them, they would lose their job, they could lose their house, how would they pay for their car, holidays and children's schooling? Their comfortable family life would be broken and shattered for ever - and they would have condemned millions of employees in their factories to a life without a job.

    Again, with so much to lose how many people would even dare think about proclaiming that they have been wrong. It takes a big, big person to put the truth ahead of his reputation, his family and entire workforces.

    Will, many doctors and health care professionals have "buried their heads in the sand" over the low fat dogma. The realization of the enormity of the consequences is so great that only a few, only a very few can even dare to think and comprehend about the grave adverse health effects the low fat dogma has bestowed on the population.

  10. I found the film "Our Daily Bread" (Unser täglich Brot) mesmerising, although it doesn't recommend nor anti-recommend any foods nor food practices. It merely shows you what happens, and lets you conclude what you want from it.
  11. I've just started on the LCHF diet and I'm loving it, although it's not been hard to enjoy eating juicy meats and the double thick cream I had in my black coffee just now I have been finding it actually difficult to get enough fat into my diet. Do you have any suggestions for getting the fat ratio up to 60%.

    Currently I'm sub 20g carbs/day but I keep wondering if I'm not perhaps eating too much protein with all the meat, chicken, cheese and cream?

  12. Alexandra M
    "Would you simply proclaim that you have been wrong all along for many decades? You would lose your reputation, you would lose your social standing, your peers would shun you, you could lose your job, you could lose your house, how would you pay for your car, holidays and children's schooling? Your comfortable family life would be broken and shattered for ever."

    Exactly the problem faced by the many ministers who have lost their faith but can't admit it without facing ruin.

    What really disturbs me is that the longer the low-fat people stonewall, the more people will come to distrust everything that doctors say. It's already happening.

  13. Zepp

    Dont go for numbers.. listen to your body!

    I dont know.. but it can hapen that your metabolism get enough fat from what you eating and from adiopose tissiue!?

    There is no magical numbers.. only your magical metabolism.. how is reacting to how you eat!

    But.. for beginners there can be some advice how to think.. and to aim at.. but in the long turn its better to listen to how your body do react.

    When somebody who is a beginer do strugle for some weeks to eat like a pro lowcarber.. or he/she think one should do.. I do feel that moste people with comon sense do understand that he/she have a body of them self and there own problem to manage, that mayby is comon to all others!

    There is a lot of advice how to eat to be a real lowcarber.. do eat to your own bodys demands!

  14. Galina L.
    @John Stevenson, go to the I doubt you have a problem with too little fat. You eat fat in order to be full, if you are not hungry, you had enough. Also keep in mind that some LCarbers manage to get too much food. It hardly matters at the beginning of the LC diet, but many of us have to figure out how to move from stubborn plateau from time to time. There are other things that matter besides counting carbs. Check it out I have been on a LC diet since nov. 2007, lost weight, feel and look better, but I also discovered that things are more complicated.
  15. JAUS
    #11 Have you calculated correctly? You just have to eat more fat in weight than protein and carbs together. If you eat 50% fat in weight then that equals to about 70E% (energy percentage) since fat contains more then twice the energy amount of protein and carbs. Remember that meat only cointains about 20% protein. Also make sure to eat twice more protein than carbs, that way your carb percentage will never be higher than 10E%.
  16. JAUS
    #15 As an example: If you eat 120 grams of fat, 90g of protein and 30g of carbs then that equals to 70E% fat, 22E% protein and 8E% carbs.

    "At least twice as much protein as carbs" was what meant in the previous post.

  17. Thanks so much for mentioning the film Dr. Eenfeldt.
    Like your efforts, I hope it helps many people find their way to healthier and happier lives.
  18. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    CJ Hunt,
    Glad to see you here. Thanks for an important movie, I hope a lot of people will see it.
  19. I just watched "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet", and I do agree there doesn't seem to be any real comparison or discussion of diets other than a Paleo diet, based on the archaeological record of early hominids. Was a Paleo diet really good for them? According to the same archaeologists the early hominids had no real discernment of what they were eating since they have no documentation on how these beings lived other than what is in the fossil record. They claim that early hominids lived merely 20-30 years. Maybe due to climatic and permanent dangers, but maybe due to how and what they ate. If a diet was based on abundance, then the most abundant would have been plants and water above any fauna and therefore it would make sense that they consume a majority plant based diet.

    The archaeologists have no record of plant based diets in fossils. Homo Sapien Sapiens DNA is 98% that of an ape. For example, a Chimpanzee eats fruits, seeds, nuts, leaves, flowers, some insect matter and merely 2% of a chimps diet is meat and only meat is the food product they share with other Chimpanzees. Although true, the human gut proportions are different from those found in carnivores, herbivores, swine (an omnivore), and even most other primates, including the anthropoid apes. Human's small intestine is longer and therefore will pull out more nutrients.

    The paleontologists in the documentary say that vegetarians are less advanced mentally than meat eaters because of the size of their brains. However, how much of our brain do we really use? Scientists claim that we use less than 10% of our brain, so does this mean whilst our brain gets larger because of our meat consumption we still use similar brain power of an early hominid? We also barely use 2% of our DNA ... does this suggest to you that this being we have become that has consumed a paleo diet for millions of years and only recently started eating un-sprouted grains is a perfect machine working in harmony with its environment?

    From this research it seems that humans evolved too quickly and in order to correct this issue maybe we need to look at diet in a more scientific way and change our diet for beneficial evolutionary purposes. We need to look at how to increase the usage of our brains as well as DNA because we all have this unrealised potential that would turn us all into super human beings. Obviously these giant leaps in evolution happened for a reason and while it sounds good for this crude matter we call the human being, returning 2 million years to a mainly meat diet doesn't sound like progress. Spiritual researchers have said in order to obtain spiritual enlightenment and evolution to the next step on the ladder to understanding who we truly are, where we are from and where we are going, we should be eating a lighter diet. A mainly plant based diet offers higher light energy, cleaning our bodies from toxic chemicals and improving all the aspects of the human body.

  20. Urszula
    The movie dissapeared : Where can I find it?
  21. Zepp

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