Improve type 1 diabetes with low carb

Dr. Keith Runyan has a unique perspective on type 1 diabetes and low-carb diets, as he suffers from the disease, eats low carb and is a medical doctor. We sat down to discuss the basic idea, his experience, the good news and his concerns.

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Improve Type 1 Diabetes with Low Carb – Dr. Keith Runyan

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  1. bill
    How about a moisture sensor to alert you when
    you are sweating excessively? Would that help?
    Is excessive sweating a universal symptom of
  2. Jacqueline
    Thank you very much, I really enjoyed this interview and found it enlightening and educational.

    I encourage my T1 diabetic son to eat fewer carbs with great success, but last night I was infuriated to watch a couple of TV presenters on the BBC show How To Eat Well For Less, advise the mother of a young diabetic boy to stop giving him expensive savoury low carb snacks like salami and cheese, and replace them with Tea Cakes, Fruit Loaf and Oat biscuits, all to avoid "harmful saturated fat" and to save a few pennies. I was shocked and quite upset at the stupidity of what I was watching and realised that we still have a long way to go to educate people about the benefits of LCHF.

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