I’m joining the Diet Doctor team full-time!


Okay…I know my weaknesses, and I’ll confess that one of my great struggles is keeping a secret, especially when I am super duper excited.

Yes, I’m one of those people who gets so excited over buying someone the perfect gift that I blurt it out or force them to unwrap it early. I cannot keep a secret. Look at all of the recipe photos I share in advance! I just get so excited it’s like peeing my pants, but my mouth leaks instead of my bladder!

Well…it’s officially official, and I’ve kept quiet about it until now. Until now! I’m gonna spill it now!

Beginning January 1, when I am officially retired from my work in higher education, I will be working full-time with Diet Doctor. Yes! That’s what she said!

My work will be focused on outreach, community support, and community building, and I think that YOU are gonna LOVE what we are gonna do next.

And don’t worry, I’ll be sharing all the details as you know I can’t keep a secret!

These pics are a few of my DD (Diet Doctor) colleagues taken from various conferences. I’ve added captions to tell part of the story. I’ve spent enough time with them in person to know this is the right decision for me (and for us!)


Wearing the DD bling!


Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, THE Diet Doctor after our conversation in San Diego where we mapped out my joining the team.


Girgos and Simon are my two favorite cameramen. They make me look good! Jonatan (far right) is Simon’s brother and also a member of the team.


My girl Jill! She came to my house when we did the first cooking videos and was my roomie on the low carb cruise. Here we are enjoying low carb mimosas. She has an amazing eye for food photos and is a darn good cook!


Why yes, I’m extremely short. Dr. Eenfledt is extremely tall. Isn’t that a perfect combination?


Jill, Rickard, and I at dinner on the cruise. Rickard was one of our dancing mates.


Rickard and Kristie at karaoke. Silliness.


More bling.


Sweet Kristin!!! This is Dr. Eenfeldt’s partner and also a DD team mate. They have 2 precious daughters.


Inger and Alex at dinner on the cruise.


Bjarte, the COO when we started the full time conversation back in February in Breckenridge. Who says this gal can’t keep a secret?!?!?!


Comment from team Diet Doctor

Kristie Sullivan has done a fantastic job freelancing for us at Diet Doctor for quite some time now, so we are THRILLED that she will be joining us full-time in January next year!

Kristie went low carb back in 2013, and not only has she won a lifelong battle on obesity, she’s also had other big health benefits. She likes to share her story to help others and give out her best tips for making the diet sustainable.

You can pre order her latest book, Keto Living Day by Day, to get to know more.

Below you can find out more about Kristie; her story, her articles written for us at Diet Doctor and the awesome cooking videos we’ve made together!

We wish Kristie a big warm welcome!


Kristie’s story

  • "I'll do this or I'm going to die trying"
  • Cooking keto with Dr. David Diamond

Cooking keto with Kristie


All Kristie’s posts


  1. Amy
    Congratulations Kristie! I am so inspired by Diet Doctor and by you so this is very exciting news to hear.
  2. Marcia A.Daniel
    This is so exciting! Kristie is the absolute best professional one could work with.
  3. Kimberly Mueller
    I love, love, love Kristie’s books!! She has turned my husband and my life around!! We had tried everything to no avail. She is a tireless worker for all of us that were once “obese” and are on this journey and feel we have a counselor cheering and helping us along individually!! We, that all follow Kristie on her website, love her like a sister and feel like we’re all family.💞. So excited for her next adventure with DD as I do follow DD also and enjoy the posts and recipes. Congrats all around!! Yeah!!
  4. Francoise
    This is super duper news! The Diet Doctore team rocks!
  5. Eileen Sims
    Congratulations Kristie, I'll be following you wherever you go! Been an inspiration to a lifelong struggle with weight but 20 years of diabetes now being controlled! Thank you. I look forward to your journey.
  6. Christine Fetter
    What great news! I've been following Kristie for a long time. I was so happy to see her here at diet doctor. I am so looking forward to seeing what her she will bring to this awesome place when she's here full time. Congrats, Kristie!
  7. Donna
    Great! I love Kristie’s books and videos! Terrific recipes that my husband and I enjoy.
  8. Diana Nelson
    Congratulations Kristie! Love all you will bring to this great group. Can’t wait to follow you in this new position.
  9. Marcia
    I am brand new to diet doctor and just discovered your cooking videos yesterday -- this is exciting news! Looking forward to more from you!
  10. Patricia
    Excellent! I’m happy for you! But more for me cuz I will get to have more of your delicious recipes!
  11. Julie Webster
    Hey Kristie! This is the best possible news ever . Congratulations. Love your persona , your presence and your take on the whole keto adventure 😘
  12. Brooke B Kingston
    Kristie, this is such great news for the DD community! You are such a fabulous asset to this site. Thank you for sharing your gifts here, you are a wonderful encourager and teacher. Congratulations!
  13. Rebekah
    Congratulations!! Super cool❤️
  14. Claire Johnson
    First time seeing this site. Sounds exciting. I’m a 64 year old post gastric by pass patient some 20 years ago. I’m down 200 pounds but need to lose 80+ more. I’m stuck and want to break my bad habits keeping me here. Where do I start please.? Thank you.
  15. Jonda
    So happy for you, Kristie! This is so exciting. I love the videos and the spots with your family coming in: taste-test!!!! Personally, I can't think of anywhere else that would be a better place to work than Diet Doctor. Sure wish I had something to offer to the team, but alas, I do not and I am too old. But thanks so much for the best part of the rest of my life! Jonda

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