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How can you customize your keto diet and lifestyle to help treat cancer?

Alison Gannett is a cancer survivor who is dedicated to helping other people who suffer from the disease. In this presentation from the Low Carb USA 2017, she talks about different diet and lifestyle factors that might be considered in the treatment of cancer, in addition to conventional treatment.

Watch a new part of the presentation above, where she talks about how her life has been transformed since starting the keto lifestyle (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

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  1. D man
    Got rid of my cancer (Lymphoma) after I was in Ketosis for a month.
    All the tumors are gone, like magic. I could not believe how easy it was!
    The cancer WILL come back if I assume the old diet.

    This cancer is incurable but one can live 30-50 years or more as many examples I found already. 30 years ago Keto Diet was not even known by the public, but it's nothing new. There are people who had similar diet and a new lifestyle after cancer and they are in remission. That's all one can hope for.

    I have never considered Chemo or anything medical because I knew this Homeopathic treatment works. Many examples on the NET.
    Ketogenic is the best solution for cancer and other illness.

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