“I have always loved butter”


So far this year more than 45,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Loved it! Thank you so much for the great recipes and food plan!



I really enjoyed the past two weeks. Whoever thought that you could use the words diet and enjoy in the same sentence.

Actually this doesn’t feel like a diet at all, it’s just normal food but it challenged everything I thought I knew about eating regimens.

I am diabetic (T2) so understand the need to cut out low fat products (read higher sugar) but cutting out carbs to such an extent, and banishing fruit altogether felt strange.

I rarely eat processed food, though we do (did) eat takeaways. I don’t snack between meals so I didn’t struggle with this element.

The most difficult part of this for me was getting organised re shopping even though you provided a list. I confess to swapping the meals around though that didn’t have any adverse affect.

After the 2-week weigh and measure I have been motivated to do this for another week. I can see this becoming a lifestyle choice but still need to change my way of thinking if I am going to do that.

Weight loss. 15lb
Waist loss (inches) 3.75
Glucose was 11.1-12.3 mmol
Glucose now 5.2 – 5.8 mmol.

Best wishes



The low carb challenge was great I liked the fact that menu and shopping list was all made out for me..was easier to switch to the low carb high fat….

I tried before and was too overwhelmed to think of what I wasn’t able to eat where as with this plan I enjoyed the new recipes and looked forward to preparing the next meal….

I would love to see a feature in the future where we can choose the meals we want and a shopping list is created according to those meals…

Thank you




I really enjoyed the challenge, I haven’t lost any weight but feel less bloated. My stomach is much calmer without the carbs. Interested to find out what to do next.




Thanks Andreas, I’ve found the diet easy and tasty. I haven’t lost as much weight as hoped – only a kilo- But I have lost 4 % body fat and my “metabolic age” has gone from 51 – 41. WOW and I’m 48.

Thanks so much I am going to keep going – it would be nice to get into my teens again – ha ha!




I have found the low carb challenge really helpful, as I have a gastric sleeve I wish I had known about low carb 8 years ago.

I am a young 72 years old, I had my gall bladder removed due to stones, so boosting the fat intake has been a struggle but I am working with it. Also I am diabetic and have severe oesophagitis (Barretts).

Unfortunately I cannot tolerate eggs. Buttered sauté cabbage for breakfast with home made bone broth is great low carb option. I am loading my small portions of green vegetables every day with butter, it is delicious.

Fortunately I never believed in the low fat recommendations and chemical loaded margarines, I have always loved butter. The big challenge was dropping the bread, pasta and rice. I had already earlier this year cut all sugar, except for one serve of fresh fruit per day… I have also reduced this, based on the carb content.

I have found the pictures of what should be eaten on your site easy to follow. I am amazed that 99% of doctors here do not understand the principal behind the low-carb protocol for diabetics, and continue to give the old dietary guidelines.

However I know from my research that low carb is the only way forward, I realise that once I have the diabetes under control with the low carb protocol, my numbers are currently improving, the other health problems will also heal.

Your advice on your site is fantastic and so much appreciated. Thank you.

Kind regards




Thank you it has worked well and found it quite simple to stick to! Lost 3.5kg have got heaps more to loose and will continue with week 3, thanks again!!



Hello, I have been amazed how easy it has been to give up foods I thought I couldn’t live without. I adore all vegetables but stuck with the “above ground” ones…

I will continue with the diet because the recipes are easy to follow and enjoyable. I have printed several off which I will show the diabetes nurse at the end of this month.

Obliged Dorothy

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