“I feel fantastic”

Before and after

Before and after

Three months ago Marci started a low-carb diet, and she’s had considerable assistance from the Diet Doctor website. Amazingly she’s already down 34 lbs (15 kg), and she feels great.

Here are some of the things that have helped her on her journey:

The E-mail


I started my LCHF lifestyle on June 1st. Shortly after starting I discovered your website. I have to be honest, at first I was skeptical of having to join and pay a monthly fee. I did think the price was reasonable, but wondered just how often the website would be updated, new content added, etc. I have to say I have been so pleased with my membership. Every time I log on there is new content to read, or videos to watch.

I feel like you and your team do an excellent job of keeping current about the low-carb news and community. Excellent information, interesting stories. You’re the most truthful, legit website out there and I am so glad I found you and wanted to say thanks.

Currently I am down 34 lbs (15 kg) and about 30 lbs (14 kg) away from my goal. More importantly, I eat healthier than I ever have, I completely gave up diet soda (which I never realized was impeding my weight loss) and I feel fantastic. I have even began exercising because I feel good and am enjoying it. I have done low carb before, but never changed my whole lifestyle. I give you and your website the credit. Keep up the great work, it is worth every penny.



We’re very glad to hear that you’re happy with the membership, Marci, and congratulations on all the success!

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  1. Kanthi
    Yes I agree. Absolutely. Worth every penny. I came across this site in August and lost 8 pounds and two dress sizes. I like to watch a video daily to get informed of latest scientific presentations etc. Bought the book "The Obesity Code" by Dr. Fung. An excellent read with great info.
    Looking forward to attending the low carb conference next year.
    No calorie counting, and most importantly my sugar and carb cravings are gone.
    Thank you Diet Doctor.
  2. Yanina
    I also think the membership worths it! I had never imagined how wrong there were may knowledge about food and nutrition. I feel great and my family love the recieps! Thank you DietDoctor!
  3. Sue
    Hello. It's taken me awhile to buy into the LCHF lifestyle. I guess I was listening to the 'wrong way' advice for too long.

    Now I'm on the LCHF way of living and only three days in, believe it or not...I'm already feeling better. I read Dr. Fung's book, The Obesity Code, and it just makes such good sense. Hard to ignore!

    This morning my blood sugar numbers were lower than they've been for years. I'm losing weight and though still craving bread, I'm hoping that will pass.

    Thanks to this site, if my craving gets hold of me, I can come here and read to put me back on track. This is a wonderful site! Thank you.

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