Hyperinsulinemia – what insulin does in your body

Hyperinsulinemia - what insulin does in your body
By controlling the insulin in your body you can control both your weight and many other aspects of your health.

But exactly what does insulin do in your body? What factors raise and lower insulin? How can you effectively control your insulin?

Dr. Ted Naiman gives you tons of knowledge in this great presentation from the Low-Carb Cruise 2016. It’s full of ideas that you can put to use right away.

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Hyperinsulinemia – What Insulin Does in Your Body

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation:

Excellent talk, very fast with tons of information. I’ll probably watch it a few times to absorb it all, but I’m a member so I can do that!
– Debra

Excellent lecture! I love it!
– Montserrat

Lots of valuable information! I agree with Debra! Ha!
– Alan M

Phenomenal presentation! The fast-flying graphs and studies gave a great depiction of the wealth of evidence to support lowering insulin for just about everything! Love it!
– Andrea

Really powerful presentation. I need to watch it again, and again, and again to fully absorb all the information!
– Jennifer

This was a great presentation, played some parts again and again, but definitely intend to listen to the whole presentation multiple times – whew, this man is a whirlwind of information!
I like him! ?
– Shawn

What a great talk! A comprehensive look at insulin in our bodies. One of the most helpful talks I have ever watched.
– Sean

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Hyperinsulinemia – What Insulin Does in Your Body

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  • Hyperinsulinemia - what insulin does in your body


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