Hundreds of Canadian doctors demand an end to the low-fat nutrition dogma

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It’s time for an end to the low-fat nutrition dogma. It’s time to change the official dietary guidelines that have failed to prevent – and may even have exacerbated – epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

More and more people realize what needs to be done, and now hundreds of Canadian physicians demand a change via an open letter, signed by 717 physicians and other health professionals:


This is an update to an earlier demand, featuring several times more people signing it. There’s also a new rebuttal of arguments against changing the guidelines.

You can sign a public petition supporting the initiative.


200 Canadian Doctors Demand Lower-Carb Dietary Guidelines!

Fighting Fat Phobia: Changing Fat from Feared to Revered Once Again

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  1. Pierre
    It is politically driven ( meat is bad)

    "First, it will direct consumers to the most nutritious foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and foods rich in plant proteins. As a result, Canada's new Food Guide will try to divert consumers from food that is unfavorable to health, such as processed foods, "said Jean-Claude Moubarac, who was consulted with 200 other experts by Health Canada.

    We are trying to direct consumers to reduce their consumption of dairy and meat products with an ecological concern, which is a rather interesting innovation. There, in fact, Health Canada is endorsing environmental concerns.

      Jean-Claude Moubarac, professor and researcher in nutrition"

  2. Mike Schwab
    Most fruits are high carb, and even some vegetables, so have to watch them.
  3. deborah lush
    Surely the fibre and important trace minerals offset the higher carb value of many fruit and vegetables. I aim for 5 veg/2_3 fruit per day, and by consuming a small portion of lean protein, the potentially dangerous blood sugar spike is eliminated.
  4. Mr_Right
    I don't agree that whole grains form part of a solution. they are extremely high carb.

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