How your thoughts affect your body

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Have you ever heard about the placebo effect? In this preview, clinical nutritionist Stephanie Dodier gives a striking example from a study on how the placebo effect works in practice.

If your mind can control your body in a way that can be demonstrated in a placebo effect, how is that knowledge connected to mastering your food cravings?

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Mastering your food cravings — Stephanie Dodier

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Transcript of the preview above

Stephanie Dodier:  There is something in science we call the placebo effect. Where we do a study on medication and we give to a group of people the real medication, this was a test done for asthmatic patients.

We gave them Albuterol which is a medication for asthma. We give that to 50 people. We give a placebo which is a medication that looks like the real medication, but it’s sugar, like it’s nothing, and then we gave, in this case sham acupuncture like not real treatment of acupuncture.

Look at the results. 50% improvement for those that have meds, 45% for those that had the placebo, and 46 for those that have the sham acupuncture. No treatment for the last two groups and improvement in the symptom of asthma.

Why? Your mind, your thoughts… the person believed that she was going to get better, and actually created in the mind, in the brain the actual metabolic process to get better. This is if you are from the medical world, that’s not a surprise for you, it’s a known fact that the placebo effect works.


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