How to stay low carb on a budget — Dr. Catherine Crofts

Catherine Crofts – Tips Breckenridge 2018 (updated)

Do you want to know how to stay low-carb on a budget? We just posted a video on this topic. Dr. Catherine Crofts, PhD, shares her best tips on how to get high-quality food without spending too much money. Check out the video to keep your costs low!

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“How to stay low-carb on a budget” – interview with Dr. Catherine Crofts, PhD

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  1. Elizabeth F
    I love the website, dietdoctor! I access it every day. It has guided my family and I towards better health. I was a bit disappointed when the above video - specifically aimed to help people on a low budget - could only be viewed if a person was a member or accessed the free trial. Besides this, I was unable to access the usual free partial transcript that gives an insight into what the video is about. Thankfully the Guide to 'How to make low carb and keto cheaper' is still accessible for non members. I understand that dietdoctor does need funding - done through membership and not by other means - which keeps the site very credible. I just thought, however, that anything aimed at those of us who are on tight budgets might still be free. Thank you for all you do make free as this site has been an amazing education for us.

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