How to reverse type 2 diabetes

Do you want to listen to an inspiring story? This is one of my favorites and also one of our highest rated videos (so far only 5 star reviews).

Dr. Jay Wortman got type 2 diabetes but did not just manage to reverse it himself, but also many others. Above you can watch segments of our interview, about how he did it. The full 25 minute interview is on the member pages (free trial available):

How to reverse type 2 diabetes – Full Interview

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  1. Apicius
    Thank you for using the word CURE!....not "manage", or "mitigate", or "reduce effects of", or "slow down", or "reverse effects of" is CURE indeed!
  2. chris c
    Sorry, I'm not as keen as you on the concept of "cured".

    IMO it will lead to patients thinking that now they are "cured" they can go back to "eating normally" - ie. HCLF, just as people who diet and "cure" their obesity go back face down in the carbs, then find it returns. I am "cured" as long as I eat LCHF but no longer!

    Worse still it encourages clueless doctors to deregister (undiagnose) diabetics when their A1c goes below 6, and worse still to tell patients that since diabetes is "always progressive" then if they have "cured" it they were never diabetic in the first place.

    I know of several cases where Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetics were undiagnosed and had their insulin prescription cancelled when they got below 6%, which should be grounds for charges of attempted murder, and in more than one case this "undiagnosis" was done without the doctor's knowledge, presumably by accounting clerks at their PCT, which should lead to further charges of "practising medicine without a licence".

    Best to use the correct term "controlled". Controlled can be for the rest of your life.

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  3. bill
    If someone takes a poison and the
    doctors pump their stomach or give
    them an antidote, they are "cured."
    If they continue to take the poison,
    that doesn't negate the fact that they
    had been cured, it just means that if
    they take the poison they will be ill.
    Same exact terminology in T2D.

    Nobody was talking about Type 1.

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