How to lose 196 pounds without hunger


This is Tommy Runesson. In September 2009 (to the left) his weight was 386 pounds. Then he started eating strict LCHF, all the real low carb high fat food he wanted, mostly meat, butter, mayonnaise and some vegetables. He avoided almost all sugar and starch.

Today, less than two years later, his weight is 190 pounds. No hunger was needed, no surgery and no exercise beyond some extra walking during the second half of the weight loss. Pretty spectacular. You can see some more pictures and a video interview with him (in Swedish unfortunately) on my Swedish blog.

PS: Can you figure out what the “50 %” on the T-shirt means?

LCHF for beginners


  1. Pretty impressive! Good for him. Literally.
  2. Al
    50% means he's half the man he used to be... literally!

    Well done... I'm down 51 pounds from 254 and eat like a horse.

  3. AWESOME!!! I'm only 10kg down so far but look forward to the day to wear that same t-shirt! Well done Tommy man, well done! Very inspiring! LCHF WINS!
  4. Christine D
    I am so happy for Tommy! That is just absolutely awesome! Can you imagine how great that would be to eat real food, not be hungry, and regain your health and physique?! Way to go!
  5. The "no hunger" is the key. I won't be able to match Tommy's impressive weight loss, but so far I've lost 14% of my original body weight of 260 pounds in a little over 4 month, and like him, I haven't been hungry one day. If I get hungry, I eat something -- a piece of cheese, some almonds, a hard-boiled egg. I'd also say that I eat all I want, but that is misleading. In fact, I'm "only" eating 1800 - 2000 calories a day. Maybe I get up to 2100 calories a day now and then. Most days, I'm eating 1000 calories fewer than I burn. That would work out to burning two pounds of fat per week, and that is about the rate I'm losing at. So, yes, I can and do eat all I want, but I want a lot less than I used to.
  6. Margaretrc
    Awesome! LCHF rocks.
  7. Alexandra
    The NO MORE HUNGER part of LCHF cannot be over stated, it is the key to it all. It takes a while to really believe it's possible after a lifetime of being told you must starve and avoid fat to lose weight. I eat until I am full at each meal (this is key)... eggs or meat, fat and some veggies if I want... I will generally forget about food and go 4-10 hours until I am gently reminded that it's time to eat again.. I was a complete carbohydrate monster, hungry ALL the time, never satisfied, got shaky when I waited too long all the while feeling guilty because I was being "bad" and lacked "willpower" for not feeling satisfied eating like a bird or a rabbit as all good girls are supposed to. I personally keep my carbs at between 10-20 each day and only occasionally go upward from there... I am 50 years old and I am down over 100 pounds in about four years, enjoy good energy and vigorous health and maintain my weight effortlessly.
  8. Janknitz
    I have been having trouble eating enough and my weight was stuck-- I kept losing and gaining the same 0.2 lbs. Yesterday I really worked on getting my fat and calories up and in just one day I dropped 1 lb--amazing!!!!
  9. Congratulations, Tommy! Too bad the LCHF diet is so boring and hard to stick with ...
  10. Michael
    "...all the real low carb high fat food he wanted, mostly meat, butter, mayonnaise and some vegetables."

    does anyone knows a good recipe for a thick homemade mayonnaise? The one I tried the other day is too liquid.

  11. Tommy
    Thanks for all kind words!

    My basic recipe for mayonnaise is quite simple

    2 egg yolk
    1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
    A splash of wine vinegar (as "dry" as possible)
    A spalsh of lemon or lime juice
    3 dl of good neutral rape oil

    Use a electrical mixer and start wit everything but the oil. Then start pouring in oil carefully in the beginning and then more as the mayo get thicker. On high speed this mayo gets really thick and if you need to get it thinner just add water at the end. I do not add any spices until I want to use the mayo.


  12. Nina

    I use 1 or 2 eggs, a big dollop of Dijon mustard and a cup of olive oil.

    I blend it with a stick blender.

    The key is the temperature of the egg. Too cold or too warm and the mayo will be runny. Just tepid and it'll thicken up nicely. It's all to do with the amino acid chains in the egg yolk, I believe.

    Experiment with taking it out of the fridge 1/2 hour or 1 hour before blending and check the difference.

  13. Nina

    This is where I learnt to make mayo.


  14. Zepp
    Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

    Make sure all ingrediens is room temperatur befor mixing, or it will not mix easily.

  15. Jaime
    Congrats. I bet he feels a lot better.
  16. Becky Reusnow
    I am a 70 yr old female who wants to lose 9 lbs. Can I do it?
  17. Gill P
    I am most impressed! I am trying the LCHF way of eating and in three weeks I have lost 6lbs. I was previously on a well-known weight loss plan and only lost 12 lbs in 18 months!

    The problem is that people cannot get their heads round the fact that I have butter and cream and not many carbs. I have got to the stage where I have given up trying to convince them and have just given the link to this website!

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