How to get pregnant by avoiding stress

The first part of my interview with low carb expert dr Michael D. Fox was quite well received. Here’s one comment on YouTube:

I’ve listened to a lot of low carb videos and podcasts and this is one of the best.

Here’s the second and final part of the interview. And the topic is not low carb. There’s another thing that impacts the health and fertility of a lot of people: Stress. What a lot of people believe is healthy – running more and eating less – may actually damage their health. And their chances of getting pregnant.

The doctor’s solution may seem weird. Run less, eat more!

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  1. Suzie_B
    Thank you Dr. Eenfeldt for taking the time to do all the interviews you have done. I have found them all interesting.

    PCOS runs in my family and I'm a big fan of Dr. Fox. Interestingly my doctor told my teenage daughter to go on Weight Watchers or South Beach as nothing else has been shown to work for weight loss and subsequent maintenance and that will absolutely fix her PCOS symptoms. So, is it the PCOS that causes obesity or is it obesity that causes PCOS? Apparently this typically conventional-thinking (obesity is at the root of EVERYTHING!) doctor thinks it's the latter. My daughter and I now follow a low-carb Paleo diet and are doing very well. Looking forward to more interviews!

  2. Zepp
    Like a lot of other diseases, one dont know exacatly what causes what.

    PCOS is often linked to high insulin levels, obesity and diabetes.

    Thats way the advice is to make a change on those symptoms.

    PCOs is probably a second reaction to those symptoms.

  3. moreporkplease

    "Clinical evidence indicates that polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) has a heritable basis (1, 2), at least in part, which could result from a genetic etiology, epigenetic changes, or an admixture of the two causes. The apparent heritable nature of the syndrome has led investigators to search for the gene (or genes) that contribute to development of the PCOS phenotype. . . .
    Surprisingly, in 2010 the best evidence of an association of a single gene (locus) with PCOS is the dinucleotide repeat microsatellite marker D19S884 (4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13). The D19S884 marker lies within intron 55 of the fibrillin-3 gene (FBN3, NM_032447). Allele 8 of the D19S884 marker contains 17 “GT” repeats and has been associated with PCOS."

    It's probably genetic. So your genes cause PCOS which causes obesity. Best wishes!

  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    If there ever was a genetic defect that would be quickly weeded out by evolution, PCOS would be it. It would be extremely rare (due to new mutations), not common like today.

    Obviously if there is a genetic component it must be a genetic vulnerability to something new in the environment.

  5. HighlySkeptical
    Hi Doc:

    There are many genes such as Tay Sachs etc whose persistence confounds us. Their persistence must mean they conferred benefit at some time. But note that MPP's link does mention epigenetics as a possibility. This opens a place for environmental action in gene expression, no?

  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Highly Skeptical,
    I read in the book The 10 000 year explosion (good book) that the T-S gene may improve intelligence somewhat. But if you get two of them you're in trouble.
  7. I just found your site. I have pcos and was recently put on metformin. I have secondary infertility and had stopped menstruating. Nothing worked to lose weight until I started a low carb way of eating. It's been very slow. After the first month where I dropped 13 pounds my weight loss dropped to about 1 pound a week but it's been steady. Whereas weight watchers and south beach and just plain old calorie counting and working out at the gym I would lose a pound month. I remember the trainer at my gym saying 'don't worry it takes time to lose weight and muscle weighs more than fat' after 6 months and losing 6 pounds and minimal inches. I started a modified version of atkins and have dropped 28 pounds in 3 months and 5.5 inches off my waist. I started menstruating again after 2 months. My exercise consists of housework and walking my 2.5 year old in his stroller. I was irritable and cranky all the time before and my doctor had me on anti depressants for anxiety and depression. I no longer need prozac. I only take metformin thanks to low carb eating. Love seeing articles than mention pcos and low carb.
  8. I've known a couple women who had fertility problems that went away by adding adequate fat to their diets. Women who are too thin jeopardize their fertility.

  9. Sarahjeffries
    Stress on male or female can resulting an infertility to the reproduction system. Relax and stay positive in your every activities. Follow the natural methods of fertility and pregnancy in this link

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