How to drink alcohol and avoid sugar


If you want to drink alcohol and avoid gaining weight it’s a good idea to avoid beer (malt sugar) and sweet drinks (sugar). Wine and pure liquor, such as whisky or brandy, are better choices.

All wines are not equally good: red wines and dry white wines (as well as dry champagne) usually contain the least amount of sugar.

What is your favorite drink?

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  1. Heh, 'tis funny I read this while gurgling in red wine.

    Oh and *FIRST* :D

    My LCHF of "story" is over at


  2. Jason
    Dry red wine and scotch, generally. But I also like gin & diet tonic water...obviously not good for those avoiding artificial sweeteners.

    But I've noticed that more than one or two drinks and I leave ketosis. I haven't tested enough to see the impact on weight loss yet, but my guess is it's easy for me to drink too much to lose weight!

  3. I love Merlot, but any dry red or dry white will work, usually. Sometimes I have a chilled glass of Jameson. I have been known to have a bottle of Michelob Ultra, which is a reduced carb beer here in the States.
  4. Tonina
    My favorite is vodka, club soda, and a lime wedge. I don't drink very often though... I find that when I'm in ketosis it only takes 1 or 2 drinks and I am quite inebriated.
  5. Kim
    Just discovered the best coconut vodka! It's French- Ciroc. Non grain based and distilled 5X. Very clean and tasty! Might mix w/coconut milk.
  6. Alexandra
    I will have to try the coconut vodka... I am known to drink rum and diet cola on occasion.
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  7. Barb
    Dry white wine, seltzer water and a squeeze of lemon. Very refreshing in the dog days of summer.
  8. Robin
    My favorite mixed drink was always a G&T. Now I drink gin, plain sparkling water, and lime--which, I recently discovered, is an actual named drink. It's known as a Gin Rickey. Who knew.

    I drink a few glasses of wine a week, red or white.

    And I really love good beer. I drink one a few times a year, and enjoy the heck out of it.

  9. Paul
    Don't obsess. Look for good quality low-carb beers. Budweiser Select seems to the the best option. (Full version, not the near-beer 55!) Bud Light is not a bad option either. But, I mostly stick to Bacardi and Diet Coke.
  10. Mark. Gooley
    Cheap dry red wine cut heavily with carbonated water, say one part wine to three parts water. It's about as strong as beer, refreshing, relatively low in calories and low in carbs. You need a very flavorful, preferably fruity wine, a cheap one that has no special qualities that are ruined by the dilution.

    Interesting that the ancient Romans usually diluted wine with water, though surely not carbonated water (barring a few natural sources in Europe, if there were any). One jocular title given to the emperor Tiberius, and apparently a pun on his full name, was "drinker of wine without water."

  11. I've been a Champagne drinker for two years and I'm bothered how much sugar I've been consuming for the whole two years. Thanks for this information!
  12. Beer was always my favorite "adult" beverage, but not so much anymore. I'll still drink some light beer now and then. Red wine, with its supposed health benefits, is another choice, as I wrote about recently elsewhere:

    But I have to admit, a dry red doesn't hit the same spot as a cold beer!

  13. I'll have the red wine, thank you very much.

    I've had trouble finding accurate carb counts on beers in the U.S.


  14. I usually drink vodka and club soda (with a couple limes). I've had beer twice since starting LCHF in January.
  15. Maureen
    I have found , as have many others, voda,club soda and lime. White wine sorintzers can help sustain the pace for a long haul kind of a night!
  16. Stephanie O.
    Grey Goose Vodka, muddled lime and club soda.
  17. Margaretrc
    I'm strictly about red and white wine--and I don't have it every night. For white, I like Riesling best and for red, pinot noir. Last night while out with friends, I had a blend of red wines called "7 Daughters". It was delicious and would be my new favorite, except I don't know if it is available outside of the restaurant where I had it.
  18. Julegoa
    Carlsberg Lite or KOFF Lite beer. It's only 0.3 g carbohydrates as normal beer is 2.2 grams per 100 ml.
  19. Cheryl J
    I drink Long Island IcedTeas only a tiny bit of sugar, Baja Bob makes a great sugar-free margarita mix (among others, I haven't tasted them). and the fall back of rum and diet coke!
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  20. Teachu Alesson
    There is no such thing as "good quality" low carb beers.

    Drink awesome, high-hopped, high alcohol, microbrewed beers. You'll drink less because the alcohol content -- guaranteed.

    Eat less during the day you drink. Why most gain weight from drinking has little to do with the calories in beer, wine or booze and mostly has to do with additional food intake.

    All too often you see steroid takers moronically blame steroids for their weight gain and never the truth, that they ingested more calories.

  21. I'll always love good beer no matter how low carb I am and having about 4- 6 per year is no big deal in my mind. la trappe quadrupple barrique and gulden draak are some faves, I love heavy sticky gorgeous dark beers.

    If it's not a good beer kind of place, my go to drink is a vodka & heavy cream on the rocks with just a splash of kahlúa! Essentially a white russian without all the kahlúa which is a bit too sweet, really.

    On holiday in Canada I discovered these amazing bloody caesars and drank those for all 3 weeks lol They have pickled spicy green beans in them, those were really great!! Except on the dance floor of course, on the dance floor I definitely resort to double shot tequila sunrise.

  22. Gin and soda, or a gin gimlet with fresh lime juice and no syrup.

    La Croix makes flavored, but unsweetened, soda water. They are a good mixer for Gin, Vodka, or Whiskey. You can get it at Target.

  23. Daniel
    I prefer a dry red wine, but I treat myself with a cold frothy draft on occasion. I love beer but have limited it as much as I can. I don't let myself feel guilty, we all need "cheat" days and I think we all have exceptions. :)
  24. Maggan A

    Yes sundays are my "cheat" days. For me that means a pizza and a small cup of icecream ;-)

  25. Rick C.
    My favorite drink of choice is a modified Long Island Ice Tea. I use the alcohol mix about 1/3 glass, non sweeted iced tea instead of coke to almost full glass, then top it off with sweet/sour mix. Low carb & sugar.
  26. I find I need a little alcohol to cope with life's dramas. I am so glad I found your website. I want to be part of your viral infection. My site: will become a centre from which the bug will be transmitted world wide among wine buffs. Long live us all on the LC diet.
  27. Michael
    I'm going low carb, starting as of yesterday ;-) I have also been making my own beer for years and I'm not going to stop drinking it! If it means I get my carbs from my beer, so be it. I'm not much concerned about weight loss, so I'm aiming for "low" carb, not "no" carb or "very low" carb.
  28. Chris
    Jack Daniels + Dr. Pepper Zero with loads of ice
  29. Stan
    Hi All,
    Beer is my choice of refreshment and find plenty of low carb beers available down under (NZ).
    A naturally brewed beer uses the carbs (malt & hops) provided in the mix to make the alcohol and when the carbs are all use up by the yeasts and fermentation stops, then there is no carbs (theoretically) left to call sugars as this is now alcohol. The amount of sugars put into the mix reflects the end alcohol content so I suggest any left over carbs (if any) must come from somewhere else, eg additional sugar put in to the brew prior to sealing the bottle so as to continue a ferment and thus carbonate the beer - fizz/head.
    Please reconsider the status of low carb beers!!!! PLEASE!!!!
    The beer essentials are essential.
    I like a few each night after work in the summer months.
    PS. This theory/practise applies to wines as well - dry = low sugars = all now alcohol. The yeasts will die at about 14% so it is impossible to go higher in alcohol without fortifiying with pure alcohol - ethanol.
    A diet including sufficient alcohol please???????
  30. al
    The best option is straight spirits...Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, rum, etc...anything over 80 proof. None of these have any sugar or carbs. They are eliminated in the distilling process, no matter what they are made from. Flavored vodkas (including coconut), flavored rums, etc. are full of is tonic water.

    Beer is full of carbs, and wine has sugar. I drink vodka on the rocks...get used to it without the mixers, and the next time you taste it with a mixer it will taste like a soda pop and you won't believe you used to drink all that sugar.

    Just remember the three words "on the rocks!"

  31. Lisa
    vodka or rum and splenda sweetened diet soda. (I know the soda isn't awesome- but it's the only way I like it!)
  32. Lori Morgan
    I too do the low carb beer. Mich Ultra is my choice. I am not a huge drinker, so it does the trick for me.
  33. Gareth
    I drink extra dry Prosecco from Aldi - you can get good ones for under a £5 - that have got really limited sugar in. My alcohol consumption has not affected my weightloss. I'm still losing one pound of stored fat per week and I drink 750ml most days in a social setting ;)
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  34. Deb
    I am just having a gin and sparkling water with 2 sliced and squeezed lime wedges thrown in. It is very light and refreshing, my drink of choice to avoid sugar and carbs. In the past I have always used tonic water and this is my first attempt at the soda water. It is very nice and I will never go back to the tonic water, too many calories!!!
  35. Jon
    My ex was on a no/low sugar diet, but found out drinking Jim Beam with Coke Zero fell into her sugar intake allowance.
  36. pete
    that give me hope.. about to go on LCHF and want to keep some drinking in my life :)
  37. antuerius
    Usually very moderate drinker, yet for the record, while on LCHF, I notice significantly less hangover after those occasions when more than a couple of servings is indulged. Less sugar is less pain, it would seem.
  38. Eric
    Glad I found these comments. I drink Wood's Navy rum and, as I am currently avoiding sugar, am now reassured that it is sugar-free.
    By the way; to any rum drinkers, I would recommend Wood's. Very expensive (twice the price of normal rum) and not easy to source, but, once sampled, you will drink no other.
  39. GuyJeb
    So how can I stay on my LCHF diet, lose fat, AND continue to drink 5 - 9 shots of Vodka/Rum everynight? :D

    Something tells me, that just doesn't work

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  40. Jodi
    Mich Ultra has GMO dextrose in it....not good on a LC diet for sure, or any IMO.
  41. Mark
    Wow this is good news. Just discovered the LCHF (and Bone Broth) approaches to eating and I am sold! I thought all along it was the 2-3 glasses of wine 2-3 nights a week that was doing me in and all along it was the 'healthy eating'
  42. tony
    William Banting, who lost 46 lb. in a year on a LCHF in the 1860s, wrote the book Letter on Corpulence in 1863:

    On pages 18 and 19, where he details his LCHF diet, you see he downed 3-5 glasses of wine plus a tumbler of whiskey, gin or brandy, every day.

    So fellow LCHFers, bottoms up!

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  43. erdoke
    Liver cirrhosis from sugar/HFCS or liver cirrhosis from alcohol, that is the question.
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  44. tony
    Nothing indicates that Mr. Banting was affected by those afflictions. Furthermore, Sir Winston Churchill downed a bottle of gin every night and a bottle of wine with every meal yet he lived to be 90. In addition, Comrade Molotov lived to 97 even though he drank 2 bottles of vodka every day, a bottle of wine with each meal and 2 packs of cigarettes per day. And both of these gentleman lived very stressful lives.

    Bottom line: alcohol affects people differently. If it's bad for you avoid it. If it does nothing to you, enjoy it.

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  45. erdoke
    There is never 100 % correlation between these kinds of insults and a certain outcome. Knowing how your liver deals with ethanol makes it clear that it is unlikely to benefit more from daily consumption than the harm it does.

    Drinking just 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks a day linked to liver disease

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  46. Roland
    Beer does not have any sugar. All sugar gets eaten by the yeast, which creates the alcohol. If there is sugar in beer, it is from adjuncts added after the fermentation process. "Flavored" beer will most likely have sugar in it, just like "flavored" gin or vodka.
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  47. Zepp
    It do contain both Maltose and glucose.

    Its frome the malt!

  48. abhi
    Can i drink OC blue wishkey
  49. tony
    This is an observational study, which shows correlation, not causation. You need to show me RCTs.

    If you are a fanatic longing for the days of prohibition, we have nothing more to discuss.

  50. Mahesh sagar
    Very contradictory statements nobody has given a orrect openion right way of drinking and loosing weight.
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