Sugar addiction: How to avoid relapse

How to Avoid Relapse – Bitten Jonsson
Are you struggling with cravings for sweet foods? If you’re really addicted you know that quitting – while a challenge – is just the beginning.

We’ve now posted another part of our video course with expert Bitten Jonsson, RN, and it’s about how to stay drug free. Check the whole course out on our member site – free trial available – or start by watching the first part which is available for everyone.

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  1. gneal
    One thing that worked for me: the first went I went low carb, I gave myself permission to eat as much as I wanted, whenever I was hungry. The only catch -- it had to be low carb foods.

    And the first 2-3 days of my transition, I ate regularly. Fortunately, I had stocked up on crudite, sandwich meats, fat-based dips and dressings, nuts (limited to a handful at a time), olives, etc. Some of these aren't optimal choices (store-bought dressings are high in polyunsaturated fats, and processed meats can have a variety of additives), but it's better than reverting to high carb snacks or trying to tough it out.

    It took the better part of a week for the sugar cravings to go away completely; having a variety of high fat snacks helped me get through that process.

  2. Deena D
    Wow, you just discovered Keto!! January 2016, make a note😀

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