1. Eric
    Can you smell the class action law suit? Maybe spell and smell?
  2. tz
    The problem is the wrong questions are being asked. "Generally Recognized as Safe" - yes, if I eat one teaspoon on one day. There are few things - even real poisons - that if you don't consume it chronically or in large doses that your body can't handle.
    One sun-burn v.s. moving to the tropics and going out half-naked every day.
    It also concerns me for something like GMOs and Roundup (sugar beets and corn are two big crops) - someone drank a whole glass. He didn't put 3 drops into his child's food every day for 18 years.
    I think Alcohol might be the best analogy. One glass of wine occasionally, no problem. Too much and your liver blows up.
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  3. John
    Basically you're right. But the issue is that too much sugar (or carbs) is added in too much food today making people sick and dying from the side effects.

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