How the Dietitians Association of Australia became “little more than a PR machine for the food industry”

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Has the processed foods industry infiltrated the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)? In this article, you can read about how the DAA has infiltrated public-health policy with the processed food industry’s sugar and cereal lobby funding. Science journalist Maryanne Demasi reveals how the organization is targeting its opponents and how the peak professional body for dietitians is misleading its members.

The DAA replies like this:

We have a number of protections in place to ensure that our corporate partners do not influence our decision making within DAA. These include binding legal contracts, robust and transparent policies and procedures and a risk assessment process before any partnership takes place.

These objections do not really suffice, as the expert on food industry strategies Dr. Marion Nestle explains:

Decades of research and thousands of studies demonstrate the influence of funding on the outcome of research and opinion. Disclosure is not enough to prevent conflicts of interest. The influence is there, but funding recipients do not recognise it and typically deny it…

Many former members of the DAA have stepped forward and have made public objections. Melanie Voevodin is one of them and she says:

Many dietitians make decisions based on the information fed to them by the DAA, but in my view, the DAA is little more than a PR machine for the food industry.

Find the full article here:

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  2. Kenrick
    I am not a an expert on Austrialian Dieticians...but as a UK citizen I feel we certainly have the same problem with the dietary advice in the NHS .

    Yesterday it was all over the UK news about heart age and the news articles implored people to check the heart age on a website set up to do this ...out of curiosity I did it ...surprisely I am going to live until I am at least eleventy-one ( 111) almost as old as Bilbo Baggins ...but seriously there were several hyperlinks on the site ...each link returned the reader to NHS dietary advice pages less saturated fat, eat more fibre, eat more whole grains at least 3 times and day, eat at least 50-55 % carbs ...

    Oh dear my iPad almost got thrown across the room in frustration ...despite dozens and dozens of real science research it seems big brother has set itself fully entrenched in its war of miss information regarding sound nutrition ...this can only suggest that the intransigence of the state to recognise the fact that they are peddling “fairy tale science “ as being partly corporate driven the cognitive dissonance of the so called experts in the field ...

    Handing out such advice is going to boost our already super high obesity levels, type 2 and type 3 diabetes, hypertension etc quote the song ...” when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn “ appears not until it’s too late ...


  3. Cassieoz
    If you follow the links in the article, it just gets murkier and murkier...
  4. Ariane
    What is PR????
  5. Anne
    Ariane -- PR means public relations... basically the communications professionals/industry who help companies and organizations craft their message to the public, often putting a positive spin or "frames" on various issues. Framing is a way to get the public to see issues (put them in a box or frame) the way the organization wants the issues to be seen. They are also called "spin doctors" and "flaks."

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