1. murray
    Good grief. They buried this smoking gun in the middle of the article.
    And then there are fizzy drinks.

    "You have to understand that in Tonga we are catching up," says Lepaola Vaea, deputy Chief Executive at the Ministry of Revenue and Customs.

    "We used to watch American movies and TV shows and everyone was drinking soda. We sat there and thought, 'Wow, I would love to drink soda and we're poor because we're drinking water.' But now everyone's drinking water and we are drinking soda!"

  2. Kevin
    Also, as I understand things, meat from New Zealand is predominantly - if not 100% - pasture-fed. So, cheap, fatty cuts of pastured sheep are apparently a "problem"? How can I get *my* hands on some of this "problem"?
  3. Lonneke
    Yummy! Stuffed Lamb Flaps are one of my family's favourites. Over consumption of any fatty meats will cause weight gain > IR > T2D. Throw soft drinks into the mix and it's a disaster waiting to happen.

    It's unfortunate when remote communites rely on imported/inferior products at huge expense when they should be encouraged to enjoy there traditional and naturally available wholefoods.

    Big food advertising strikes again!!

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  4. Elena
    Kevin, I was thinking the same thing lol. Can someone throw some cheap Australian grass-fed mutton flaps my way? I love Australian lamb, but in the US we usually have only more expensive cuts like lamb chops and lamb roasts.
  5. Anneke
    So what else do they eat and drink apart from mutton flaps and fizzy drinks?
  6. BobM
    Lonneke, by eating the fattiest meats and keeping my fat content as high as I can per day, I've lost about 50 pounds. Moreover, I've dramatically reduced my insulin resistance. Fatty meats aren't the problem.
  7. Bruna
    They blame the fat alone, when the problem is the combined consumption of high fat and high sugar.
    They eat all sorts of sugary crap and to top it off they eat high fat too.
    Fat is always the one to blame, isn't it?

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