How much sugar are you feeding your family without even knowing it?

Daily Sugar Intake

A typical British family was asked to record their food and drink intake for a week to see how much sugar they eat every day. The results show a much higher intake than what’s recommended – between two to four times as much. Most of the sugar they consume is hidden in “normal” foods.

The British Dietetic Association’s dietitian Aisling Pigott comments on the results:

“I think the Botterills’ diet is fairly typical and actually, the amount of sugar in what they eat is quite similar to the UK average consumption“

Mirror: How Much Sugar are You Feeding your Family Without Even Knowing It?


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  1. robert
    No wonder. There is not much food on that table. I might eat the sliced ham, the rest is carbage.
  2. smc
    This family is slowly poisoning itself with sugar. The British Dietetic Association dietitian Aisling Pigott makes recommendations which aren't much better. She suggests swapping the sugar, in almost all of the cases, for more carbs. She also speaks of the "recommended amount of sugar" in the diet. Maybe someone should send her a copy of "Good Calories, Bad Calories" or any number of similar books. Ignorance of the science is no excuse to give bad dietary advice, especially from one who represents the official British dietary association.
  3. Pierre
    This is typical of the kind of garbages people eat thinking it's food.

    There is a TV show about that in England.

    Secret Eaters

  4. Janknitz
    We generally cook from scratch with real food ingredients. But I wanted to get my daughter some shelf stable soups to take for lunch on cold days because we don't always have homemade soup at the ready. I'm not talking cans of Campbell's here--I'm talking about Trader Joe's brand soups-- like pumpkin, butternut squash, and mushroom. They ALL had added sugar!!! Why??? Butternut squash is sweet on its own, and mushroom soup does not need to be sweet. UGH! It's almost impossible to buy packaged foods without sugar.

    I think American taste buds are so jaded by added salt and sugar that they can't taste real food anymore. From this, it sounds like Britain is much the same.

  5. chris c
    Britain IS much the same, and most everything that doesn't have added sugar has added wheat. Plus byproducts of the petrochemical refining industry that aren't actually food at all, not to mention industrially produced omega 6 oils (my mother sometimes used to buy processed food and the flavour was, lets say, unsubtle compared to Real Food)

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