How much do statins increase lifespan?

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What drives the process where good LDL turns to harmful LDL? Is it fat or carbohydrates? What is the impact of fluctuating blood-sugar levels? How is lifespan affected by statins, and what about the side effects?

In this presentation from the Low Carb Denver 2019 conference, Dr. Paul Mason talks about what damages LDL particles.

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Should you be afraid of cholesterol? — Dr. Paul Mason, MD

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Dr. Paul Mason:  And this study actually was based on a statin study of 16 weeks of a very high dose statin and it actually reduced… increased the ratio of the oxidized LDL to the healthy stuff by about 10 %.

So, based on this kind of study you’d think that the likely benefit of statins would be pretty minimal. And you’d probably be right. So, most people take statin medications to stop themselves from dying.

But that’s not the way you should think about it because you’re going to die anyway. What they might do, they might delay you dying. So that’s a much better question to ask. If I take this medication for X number of years on average, how much longer will I live?

So, this review was based on data from 11 studies over 90,000 participants and it followed them up for four and a half years. So just a quick show of hands here. Who here would take a statin medication if it would increase your life span by one week?

Okay, what about one year? Come on guys it’s not that bad… five years? Come on yeah, I mean five years… Is good right? Five years is good. So, let’s have a look at what this study showed.

So, if you had a history of cardiovascular disease and you took a statin as per the protocol here, you’d get another five days. But what happens if you didn’t have heart disease? Most of you guys haven’t had heart attacks before. Well, then you get three days.


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