How long can humans survive without food?


Lots of people still believe the ludicrous idea that we should eat every three hours, to lose weight.

The truth is the opposite. The fewer times you eat a day the easier it becomes to control your weight. And the longer you fast, the more weight you lose.

So how long could you fast? This interesting blog post reports on people’s experiences. It seems even a very skinny person can survive more than 20 days without any food – Gandhi did. And for people of more normal weight it seems like 30-40 days is very possible, maybe even 60 days without any food… as long as you get enough water.

Peter Janizewski: How long can humans survive without food or water?

The more you weigh, the longer you can survive a fast. The world record for complete fasting is 382 days! This man started at a weight of 456 pounds (207 kilos).

If you are on medications – like insulin – you may have to lower the doses when fasting. But if you’re not on medication, could you immediately fast for 16 hours or one full day without danger? Of course you can.

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