How do you prevent kids from becoming food addicts?


How do you prevent kids from becoming food addicts? Is it bad to go on and off the LCHF diet? And what to do if you relapse all the time?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

Preventing kids from becoming food addicts

Dear Mrs. Jonsson,

As a mother of 2 boys (10 and 7 years) I really take care of their alimentation, we eat organic plain food, almost no grains (some buckwheat and spelt bread I do at home for them) and no sugar (yes some raw honey for them) but I see they binge in manufactured candies and junk food when they are at kids parties or with grandparents (who don’t want to understand our way of eating).

How can I help them to not fall in that? They do it because we’re “so strict” at home? It would be very helpful if you write something about this topic.

Thank you very much,

Hello Blanca,

Thank you for a very important question. The most important maybe. I myself do not work with anyone under 18 but I have trained a lot of parents and they all share his problem. How do I navigate in this sugar/junk-food world with so many not understanding and/or respecting our knowledge and concern for the future.

I have no magic answers. What you are doing is excellent, keep doing that. And feed your children “heavy” food (protein and fat) right before they go to parties but you cannot control everything they do. We have to navigate in this world with knowledge and patience.

There is only one book I know of written about sugar addicted children. It is pretty old but some of the advice in there how to teach children about food are really good. Little Sugar Addicts by Kathleen DesMaisons.

One of the counselors I have trained in Sweden, Annica Strandberg, is specialized in working with parent support. She just started a support group for parents, right now only in Swedish, but I suggest you email her

I wish all of you the best,

Is it bad to go off and on the LCHF diet?

I have been doing 2-2.5 months of low carb high fat with no cheating. I usually follow it up with 2-3 weeks of indulging in anything.

Is it bad, harmful, or does it have negative effects to the body short or long term when I do these mini breaks usually four times a year?

I put on a few pounds but I lose them pretty quickly and I am disciplined to get back on the low-carb train.



Of course, it is bad and dangerous. As you ask me, I assume you are a sugar addict. To play with our reward system and rest of the body like that can result in a day and a time when you will not be able to get on the LCHF train again.

My experience is that every time we addicts relapse it will be harder and harder to be drug free again. And you expose your whole body for physical and psychological stress. I suggest you start collecting many more tools than only knowledge about food in order to reach optimal health and I wish you great recovery.


I always relapse on keto

I want to fully commit to it since it actually has gave be noticeable benefits (emotionally and physically).


Hello Daniela,

Relapse is extremely common for sugar addicts. The drug is everywhere and very few understand addiction so the support around us can be insufficient. First you need to understand the addicted brain, please read Dr. Vera Tarmans book Food Junkies for that. Then you need to understand relapse and the book I always recommend is Terence Gorskis, Staying Sober. Just change “ alcohol” to sugars.

We need support, a tremendous amount of support, due to the fact that we have a hard time noticing how our addicted personality fools us, we say addiction is “cunning, baffling, powerful and very patient”. Unless we have lots of tools and knowledge in all these areas we are doomed to be on and off and the older we get the harder it is to get back up. Our reward system “ages” too.

Welcome to join our closed supportgroup on facebook, Sugarbomb in your brain, there you find lots of knowledge and support.

You can do it, my best,


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