How to combat conventional dietary advice

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How do you combat conventional dietary advice? What are the seven common beliefs that are just myths, and that hold us back from understanding how to eat truly healthy foods?

In this presentation from the LCHF convention Dr. Zoe Harcombe busts common myths about “5-a-day”, whole grains, animal fats and several other things.

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Nutrition Nuggets to Combat Conventional Dietary Advice – Dr. Zoe Harcombe

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation (in additon to giving it a 4.6/5 rating):

A great video! So much information!
– Marlene

Zoe Harcombe is fantastic. Great presentation.
– Stacy

I love the slide “Do you think nature is trying to kill you”. LOL
– Mark

Wow, loved Zoe’s presentation!
– Karen

Zoe is fantastic!
– Marion

This is an incredible presentation. I so enjoy learning all of this.
– Janice

Excellent informative talk, yet again a video on LCHF has helped to educate me and help my self choices and indeed my-self responsibility. Keep the education coming, only then can we make the correct choices for each of us. Many thanks,
– Roderick

This woman is awesome! Her information was so enlightening that i printed the transcipt to share with my boyfriend! It is so wonderful finally being told the truth of things, I’ve been up and down the scale for most of my adult life – I’m tired of it, now, i know that drastically reducing calories, limiting or avoiding fat and using refined (low cal) carbs and fat free foods are not the way to go!

I have to re-work my mind that fruit is NOT my friend and to eliminate anything white, potatoes, white flour, and foods with added sugar! With the exception of fruit, foods from nature are good, made in a factory are bad!
Finally! :-)
The truth shall set you free!
– Shawn

That was wonderful. I wish everyone I know could see this presentation. Thank you for giving this talk a wider audience by hosting this video!
– Judith

Nutrition Nuggets to Combat Conventional Dietary Advice – Dr. Zoe Harcombe

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