How Big Pharma greed is killing tens of thousands around the world


The Queen of England’s personal doctor of 21 years, Sir Richard Thompson, has joined forces with a group of experts led by Dr. Aseem Malhotra. They call for an urgent publice enquiry into the “murky business” of drugs firms.

Together they have warned the public about the drugs firms developing medicines they can profit from, rather than medicines meant to benefit their customers. Quite often patients are given drugs they don’t need, drugs that are sometimes harmful and occasionally deadly for the patient.

There is no doubt that a “more medicine is better” culture lies at the heart of healthcare, exacerbated by financial incentives within the system to prescribe more drugs and carry out more procedures – Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Well worth reading:

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  1. Lonneke
    Hi Dr. Andreas,
    I have been following a stict LCHF diet since the beginning of December 2015. I'm a 50yo Female T2D from Australia. After two days I stopped taking all medications (Januvia, Metformin) and blood sugar levels stablised. I've lost just over 15kgs (currently 77.5kgs) and feel fantastic.

    3 months on and I got blood results today. Ha1C went from 9 to 5 (Perfect). Lipids were all great. Vitamin D levels (which have been chonically low for a while) all good (with no supplements). Iron levels (also been on the low side) all good.

    As a side bonus my son (19yo) has lost around 30kgs due to the lack of sugar and carbs available at home. Win Win!!

    Can't thank you all enough. Keep up this life changing work.

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  2. Apicius
    Bravo Lonneke! It takes courage and brains to go against the industry-driven, ludicrous medical advice and pragmatically test another idea. You found a life changing breakthrough!

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