1. Sandi
    Fizz? Really?

    That's the same as blaming the meat in a cheeseburger for obesity instead of blaming the bread and HFCS in the bun and condiments.

    I absolutely love carbonation during the warm months, but that doesn't mean I have the other bad stuff with it, a simple lemonade made with carbonated water is very refreshing and quite healthy too.

  2. Saw the infographic. Interesting averages -- especially since I have not personally consumed more than about 12 ounces of soda pop total in the last decade... Somebody has to be consuming more than the average.
  3. Avoiding sugary beverages for caloric reasons would be labeled as a drinking disorder, right?
    I guess I'll just have to live with that...
  4. moreporkplease
  5. yuma
    My consumption of soda is limited to an occasional (1-2 per week at a party) rum/bourbon with coke/pepsi. Thus, I don't consider myself a soda addict.

    With that being said, it is incorrect and ridiculous to blame obesity on diet drinks. It's the other way around; obese people drink diet soda in their delusion that they'll lose/not gain weight.

  6. finn
    Well there are thousands of variations in sodas and beverages. Not all contain much sugar and artificial preservatives + who knows what else. I drink sodas here and then even if I am on low carb diet but not even thinking about those megacorporations' superbrands. Check this nice king of pop video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPbh6Ru7VVM
  7. Pamela Beeth
    All they have done here is draw scary pictures showing only relationships. Nowhere did I see cause and effect. Any person with bad teeth or too much weight or you-name-it-disorder will have lots of associations or relationships. A cause of the disorder must be proved and not by scary charts. It is too easy to fool peoply with BAD statistics.
  8. Sandra
    Wake up America!!!! Sorry to say but Soda Pop makes you gain weight, Water is better!!! I know what its like to be overweight. Do you want to live to see your kids grow up and get married and have kids of their own? I know I am going to do my part to stay away from Soda Pop, sorry Soda Pop companies but I won't be drinking you anymore. And I am going to help my boyfriend lose weight too.
  9. Soda is bad for your teeth, soda does not help to lose weight because the sugar gives you energy, you would be better off burning fat. Also I've heard soda is not good for mens sperm count. So ladies if you want a baby, stop giving your man soda. :)

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