How a keto diet could help you live longer

How can a keto diet make you live a longer and healthier life? Bestselling authors Robb Wolf and Nina Teicholz discuss this and how to fine-tune the diet in this new interview. What could the optimal macronutrient mix be like? Is counting calories beneficial? And does your sleep habits make a big impact on your overall health?

Robb Wolf is one of the front figures of the paleo movement and the author of two books: The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat and will be talking about his latest book Wired to Eat.

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What are we wired to eat? – Robb Wolf and Nina Teicholz

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  1. Kenrick
    Some one needs to send this to the Editorial Board of the Lancet who just published a terrible study that said the opposite ...sadly, the study was seized upon by UK and US media and took it by storm lol...


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