1. FrankG
    LOL :-)

    As a boy, my family (strict Catholics.. before I knew better) would work each summer towards the Handicapped Children's' Pilgrimage Trust (HCPT) trip to the miraculous healing waters at Lourdes in the Pyrenees... so I keep reading "HCPT Pilgrimage" in your title!

    Anyhow just to say that I do enjoy a good museum and this looks interesting (although growing up in the UK, I never did make it over to Ireland.. yet).

    I'm sure there are those who will point to this as an example of the "religious zealotry" of LCHF -- to which I would respond "get some perspective.. and a sense of humour!"

  2. Gary Rees
    Butter Museum... Cool. Is there a duck fat museum?? That is some righteous stuff deserving a museum. How about a palmitic acid museum ( with optional trip to see the worlds biggest ball of string.Thanks Doc. love your educationing of us. :)
  3. Pierson
  4. Jenn
    Pierson - fantastic! I've added my signature and shared with my friends. This young lady is very well informed and eloquent. If we can help even one person gain a healthier lifestyle, then that's excellent :)
  5. Laura
    There is a Cheese Museum in Amsterdam which would be a nice stop on the pilgrimage.

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