Hitler was a calorie counter

Hitler Was a Calorie Counter

Some people think that if you mention Hitler or the Nazis in an online discussion you automatically lose. Still, this is too funny not to share.

Study after study show more weight loss on low carb diets, without restricting calories. A recent study even proved that people eating lower carb burn more calories. But some people just can’t let go of their outdated Weight Watchers chart and their precious “calories in-out” dogma. Sort of like this guy:

Hitler Was a Calorie Counter


  1. Laura
    As well as a nasty mass murderer he was also a tax evader (as I learnt recently) and a very materialistic man who liked to surround himself with very expensive objects and live in expensive houses that he had either built or renovated at HUGE tax payer costs using slave labour from concentration camps...so over-all a really really low point in humanity an embarassment to us all and if he did calorie counting then a VERY GOOD reason to avoid it!!!
  2. Helena Karlsson
    He was a vegetarian too. Maybe this is proof of the fact people that who doesn't eat meat are more aggressive than others?
  3. Jennifer
    That was really funny!
  4. I still struggle with knowing how to eat low carb because i don't know what is considered carb or which carbs to avoid. A little help?
  5. Laura
    @ Yasmine Look at the FAQ of this site but in general starchy refined foods are to be avoided.This includes all wheat products from bread/breakfast cereals and bars/pasta/pizza/cookies/cakes/pastries/candy and rice, maize/corn potatoes, buckwheat, couscous also if you want to be careful you should avoid modern super sweet fruits like grapes, pineapples, mangoes, banans (dep also on what you want to achieve in terms of weight loss, freedom from cravings/hunger healthy metabolism etc).
    You can and must eat: unproccessed meat of all types, fish, fowl, game eggs and green leafy veg some tubers like radish
    Dairy is a source of contention...so I leave it to others but butter/ghee are good/acceptable as are full fat yogurt/creme fraiche/kefir
    Coconut oil and olive oil and nuts are also very good for you especially low carb nuts e.g. walnuts and macademias. Hope this helps ;-)
  6. FrankG
    @Laura and Yasmine "You can and must eat: unprocessed meat of all types, fish, fowl, game..."

    Before we get a flood of fury from veg*ans, there is not a requirement to eat meat... just real whole food; avoiding, grains, sugars and starches. I'd suggest that it is easier to get fully nourished (which means more than simply energy/calories) while eating meat but I'd stress that for those who chose so to do, it is NOT necessary :-)

    And as above, Dr Eenfeldt has an excellent beginner's guide... http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf

    Thanks for sharing Dr Andreas... funny but also sadly true for too many dogmatists out there :-(

  7. Laura
    I am not telling vegans/vegs what to eat I am telling someone who is asking what is LCHF what to eat.
    I was a vegan for 16 years until Dec 30th 2011!!! And I can assure you that I was SICK all the time....so I MUST eat meat! I follow the paleo principle according to which we are adapted to eating meat in fact we cannot live properly without. I have experienced it first hand and if you also take away grains I personally think it is NOT sustainable long term without lots of supplementation which introduces a whole host of other artificial substances.
    Vegan and vegetarians can eat/think what they like but I cannot give out good LCHF advcie without recommending MEAT/FISH/EGGS and the like... so I stick to my guns!
  8. FrankG
    @Laura: No worries ;-) If you read my post you'll see that I am also recommending animal sources of food. I know for example that a nice juicy steak provides pretty much every nutrient I require -- especially if it was grass-fed beef. Maybe add on an egg and some steamed broccoli (with plenty of melted butter) for good measure and I'm completely set

    BUT there is a difference between recommending meat and requiring it.

    I know of several individuals on diabetes forums who are vegetarians (not vegans) -- for their own moral/ethical/religious reasons -- while still successfully and sustainably eating LCHF

    One of them admits it is difficult but she simply cannot face eating meat. She is not forcing her views on her children; instead encouraging them to eat the full range of real whole foods.

    I also agree that the more you leave out any animal sources of food the harder it gets to be completely nourished (again this means more than simply calories). Eggs, dairy, even fish can go a long way to providing everything the body needs to grow and thrive.

    Even out closest living cousins the Chimpanzees make sure to eat a regular amount of animal protein and fat from termites, monkeys, small birds and animals etc...

    I also do not think that eating strictly vegan without supplementation, is practicable (my flame-proof suit is already on).

    Nonetheless I don't think it helpful to scare off anyone from LCHF by saying up front that you MUST eat meat ;-)

  9. Laura
    I understand where you are coming from but you can call me a dogmatist/narrow minded etc I cannot conceive proper full on healthy LCHF without meat. Perhaps because I remain weary of dairy without meat/fish/egg it is not LCHF not in the paleo sense as I interpret it to be and the chimp meat eating reference is very apt....and by the way as a vegan I never thought of setting fire to the meat-eaters or meat advocates and I never met anybody ready to do so.. for me this is a free world based on individual choices you would ahve been safe with me..we are not all like that you must have met some pretty radical people....The only meat I set fire to now is non-human so you can rest easy!!
  10. Mike
    I don't know about "scaring people off LCHF" by recommending meat.

    The possible results of avoiding animal protein are what scare me:


  11. eddie watts
    the problem with the JAMA study is, imo, that th most successful diet group (C10%, F60%, P30%) is that it is hard to say whether it is the higher fat or higher protein intake. better if they'd stuck with 10/70/20 split, but that might be hard to achieve i suppose.
  12. The LCHF diet as detailed on this website does not cater for vegetarians, but it is certainly true, as FrankG says, to follow a vegetarian low-carb diet. It's even actually possible to follow a low-carb diet and have very small amounts of grains. I did this myself four years ago and have only recently given up the grains and been more interested in following the LCHF diet and therefore eating more meat as well (I had a mostly vegetarian diet plus fish and occasionally meat before).

    I think one of the most important things for new people following the diet is not to overload on the fat, because if you eat too much fat while you're trying to lose weight your body may get all it needs for energy from the fat rather than your own fat. It might be a case of trial and error to see what works for you, but one or two people have been on the LCHF diet for weeks and not lost weight so I wondered if that was the case.

    But the best and easiest way to lose weight is to cut out all starchy carbs - and if you're missing something like potato, try pureed cauliflower: cook cauliflower florets plus a little sliced onion, some herbs, ground pepper, in a small amount of stock (to reach almost halfway up the cauliflower florets) until tender. Use a blender (or masher) to puree the cauliflower and add some creme fraiche if you like. Lovely to soak up a sauce.

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