High insulin levels associated with increased cancer risk

Cancer Cell

Cancer cell

Are high insulin levels, even in the absence of obesity, associated with a higher risk of getting cancer? That’s what a new observational study finds.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that hyperinsulinemia is what causes cancer, as the study is only based on associations. More research is required to prove any cause-and-effect. But naturally lowering insulin levels, using strategies such as low carb or fasting, could potentially reduce the risk of getting cancer:

Considering that nonobese people with hyperinsulinemia were at higher risk of cancer mortality than those without hyperinsulinemia, improvement of hyperinsulinemia may be an important approach for preventing cancer regardless of the presence or absence of obesity.

International Journal of Cancer: Association Between Hyperinsulinemia and Increased Risk of Cancer Death in Nonobese and Obese People: a Population-Based Observational Study


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