High-fat food at the obesity conference


What kind of food do you get at an obesity conference? I’ve been to a few where you got unbelievably high carb junk food. But the ASBP obesity conference was not like that.

Pictured above are the boiled eggs you could eat at the breaks. Now that’s a good low carb snack!

Here’s breakfast, lunch and dinner:



Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and coffee for breakfast. Not bad.

Add a limited amount of fruit for a low carb Paleo feeling.

Buffet lunch


Slightly low fat (where is the sauce?) but not bad.



Thirsty obesity docs could get a sugar soda at break time. Fortunately just a few seemed to do so.



The first evening around 50 low carb people went to a Brazilian steakhouse. Unbelievably good food. First you filled a plate with fresh vegetables, then they constantly brought different kinds of meat to the table, until you had to give up.

Me on the left, dr Adam Nally (low carb doctor, Arizona) on the right.


This is how happy dr Jeff Gerber (low carb doctor, Colorado) and Jimmy Moore (low carb blogger) got from all the excellent Brazilian meat.


  1. Nadine
    Woohoo! That's all kinds of wonderful!!
  2. Anja
    Nom, that meat looks delicious :)
  3. Fantastic! I'm so pleased to see they are finally getting it right at these conferences! But shame on the soda cans!
  4. Laura
    Ehi I am only just recovering from a stomach bug...but I must say those pics look appetising (sodas not included). Boiled eggs for break is awsome...this is what i ahve also usually!

    For some reason I think our expectations are that anybody who seriously sticks with a LCHF diet paleo or not should look trimmer. I have been a chubby for 40 years but I lost so much weight on this my face has shrunk you can see the muscles in my jaw even though I am a girletc...so not to be wicked but should not Jimmy Moore look a little thinner?....or is he sneaking in the odd NY bagle? I suppose we LCHF could start our own gossip column....'he is definetly on more that 150gr carbs a day!!'

    Thanks doc for the in depth reportage...it has been likebeing there really...all we need now is the hard science to keep us out of mischief
    ciao for now

  5. Alexandra M
    "...should not Jimmy Moore look a little thinner?....or is he sneaking in the odd NY bagle..."

    Poor Jimmy Moore! I seriously doubt that he's "cheating." If you were "the face of low-carb dieting," knew that LCHF helps so many people and that your own weight would discourage people from trying it, would you cheat? I'm sure he obsesses about it every day (as I do about my own), knowing that people all over the blogosphere are pointing and laughing at him for now being the face of how LCHF doesn't work.

    Some people can eat a low-fat diet loaded with carbohydrates and remain slim (my neighbor is like this, 65 years old, energetic, and rail thin) while others, as you know, can eliminate carbs, restrict calories, exercise regularly and still be fat.

    As Gary Taubes has said, carbohydrate restriction may not get us to as slim as we'd like to be, probably only to as slim as we can be.

  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Laura, Alexandra,
    LCHF does not work perfectly for everybody, no matter how strictly you do it. But neither do Paleo, low fat, veganism, VLCD drinks, obesity surgery or anything else.

    At least LCHF works very well for a lot of people, if not most people. And you can eat delicious real food while doing it.

  7. Um... Jimmy Moore probably just has a round face. I have one as well. He looks fine to me.

    When I (finally!) lost enough weight on LCHF, I went through a period of shallowness, thinking, "Those people could lose weight if only... oh how gross they look.". I'm not perfect, but I soon realized that LCHF dieting is a beautiful gift and that I'm grateful it has gotten me this far (size 4/6). With the shallowness came a lot of self-degredation because my expectations for weight loss had been too high. I soon learned that I had to change my mode of thinking in order to live a happy life.

    It's ultimately about health, and nothing else.

  8. Alexandra M
    I wish there were a way to start topics!

    And another generation drinks the Kool-aid:


    “Portion Size Me: A Kid-Driven Plan to a Healthy Family,” a new book written by Marshall and his mother, is as much about the support of a loving family as it is about low-fat alternatives.

    “I’m going to make crème brûlée,” Jordan says. She selects four pale blue eggs from the refrigerator that were laid by the Reids’ Ameraucana hens, sets out whipping cream and sugar, and butters the ramekins. Marshall’s gaze flickers over longingly. That dessert is all but off-limits to him.

    "Yeah, there will be flour all over his kitchen and a single perfect pancake with a carrot in it,” he says. “Then he gets to say, ‘Look, it’s healthy!’ ”

    So sad.

  9. Mike Graf
    Hey Diet Doctor,
    I'm wondering if you could post some information about lcHF vegetarian or low meat diets? I ask because a diet with a lot of meat can be expensive both financially and environmentally. Are some doomed to being fat because of their limitations/conscience in the other two areas (cash and environment) ?


  10. Laura
    I was just joking....our metabolic diversity will show as much in a high carb modern diet (yes I do know a few of those permanently gnowing at choc/cakes etc thin ones we all find quite inexplicable) as well as in any other form of diet restriction....I was vegan for 16 years...and I really did NOT look 'vegan' or the image people have such as stick thin, pale etherial almost stoical..I was full blood full heavy full tired really!

    But yes I was joking jsut to say that people will have expectations of low carb/paleo eaters.
    I prioritise my health over image although I bloody enjoy being slim (not thin) for the VERYfirst time in my life but yes friends and family would be even less supportive sadly if I did not have at least something to show for it(size etc).

    Anyhoo...sorry and thanks Alexandra/Doc!
    bye for now

  11. Marcy
    I am with Mike Graf, I feel better physically eating low carb but mentally can't get my head around meat eating. That is the conscience part and there is also the money part as grass fed free range here in the States is brutally expensive. Whole Foods sells the grass fed ground beef for nearly $10.00 per pound. Is there any hope for a non-meat eating low carber?
  12. ... maybe Jimmy should look into the Kruse - Blog. Maybe Leptinresistance ....
  13. Laura
    ARP.....I blame the dairy I bet Jimmy likes his cow juice and derivatives Actually I don't know as I have never been on his blog!

    Being vegan prior to turning paleo I am now entering 17 years of cow juice freedom. I know you lchf people tend to favour dairies...but let me give you the paleo perspective

    Here is where I find it hard how poeple can have problems with eating meat which if we believe and I do the most recent anthropological and evolutionary nutrionist argument has been a staple food of hominins for million of years and yet vegetarians can accept drinking milk or eat derivatives that are recent foods post domestication and more importantly are derived from the body fluid of a different animal and destined for consumption by the young of that same animal. Milk is full of bioactive substances and growth promoting hormones of dubious role in the adult....and sugar in its unfermented form (before someone comments the Masai are Neolithic herders with only some hunter gathering traditions)

    No other animal in nature does what humans do to cattle in order to drink/use their baby milk.All my ethics bells ring when I hear dairy industry...even organic because the cow still has to be kept in a lactating state all hte time to produce milk

    But this is a free society and nutrition is all about choices or should be so enjoy whatever food you choose to eat guilt free. Once you embrace a restritive regime then there is freedom within it.

    I love meat too much. How could I live 16 years without it it's a mystery!
    Here in Britain it can be expensive and our grocery bill has almsot doubled but I try hard to buy cheap cuts and offal and grass fed meat is more the norm here than the exception. I go to famrer's markets and my local butcher (who buys free range cattle from hte Orkneys) and free to roam pig and chicken/duck and much game such as phesant rabbit and venison. I also get freebies like pig skin a wonderful delicacy that my butcher would otherwise throw away!! incredible. Buy lamb liver much nicer and more than 3 times cheaper than calf! Or pigs trotter for adding gelly and collagen to stews yumyum.

    Everyday something different and a new culinary experience. Anyway enough I am still a little fragile....
    speak soon

  14. Maggan A

    "but should not Jimmy Moore look a little thinner?"

    I have the same round face as Jimmy, but than I have I "only" lost .17 kg in 15 months on this diet (yes it is going slowly, probably because I´m a woman of 50+). Still at least 17 kg more to go.

    What shoud I do in the meantime? Hide behind a wet blanket, so that no one can accuse LCHF for not working - by the sight of me?

  15. Justin B
    Mike/Marcy, if you are ethically against the way that animals are treated, even if it comes at the expense of your health, and not willing to devote a larger percent of your income to your health (or simply can't), then I'm not sure what you could do. Caring about the proper treatment of animals, while also caring about your own health and well-being is expensive. I do know that in America, we have one of the lowest percentages of income that is used towards food. Most people living in other first world countries spend at least double what we do on food. The way I see it is I'm avoiding hospital bills that could come later. Its like insurance, only in this case, you are preventing yourself from getting the disease in the first place.

    To everyone negative on Jimmy's weight loss: The older you were, and the more you weighed when you started losing weight, and the more often you had tried diets that were horribly detrimental to your metabolism, the harder its going to be to get the weight off and keep it off. I was lucky to discover LCHF when I was only 19, and had only been overweight for a couple years, so I lost the 80 lbs, and have kept it off to this day. Not everyone is so lucky. Jimmy's health should be the concern at this point, and it is nearly flawless.

  16. Marcy
    Yes, Justin, you are correct I have heard that we do spend less of our income on food than many other countries, but I think that is when you are talking about subsidized products like wheat, corn, and feedlot beef. I do agree that it (buying grass fed beef) is paying extra to be healthy, pay now or pay later with diabetes, etc., and that is what I have been doing. I just wish grass fed free range were more the norm here so there would be more competition and places to buy it.
  17. Maggan A
    When it comes to the cost of real good food; I nowdays pass all the shelves with;

    Bread, cookeis, fruitjuices, sweetend youghurt, cereals, flour, mûsli, corn flakes, shugar of all kinds, pree-cooked frozen and canned food, all kind of frozen potato-products like pommes frites and other, Soda, bear, crisps (potato chips), popcorn, fruit, candy, chocolat and ice cream..

    and this is just the short list...

    when you skip all of this junk there is money enough left over for the good stuff ;-)

  18. DoragonMama
    Maybe Jimmy has more going on metabolically than he knows. It isn't as easy as eating right for some people because they have damaged their metabolism from years of unhealthy eating and dieting.

    If I were Jimmy I would be looking for a doctor check for other damage to my system in order to try to get my metabolism functioning properly.

  19. Galina L.
    Probably, I commented about it before, but I think it is appropriate to say it again that people who try to low the carbohydrate component of their diet often forget that it may be not enough for them to low their insulin level enough to loose weight. For most of us limiting carbs and eating mostly protein and fat led to spontaneously reduced food intake, but not for all. As far as I read it personally in their books, Drs. Eades and Atkins who treated thousands of patients for a weight-loss, never advised them to eat unlimited amounts of food. There is a chapter in Atkins "Diet Revolution" about fat fast which consists of 1000 calories a day of mostly fat. Jemmy Moore is the perfect example of a person who couldn't limit his calories on a LC diet. He recently conducted the experiment about eating more starch.
    To the half of sweet potato he added 3 TABLE spoons of butter and 1 TABLE spoon of honey (later substituted with artificial sweetener), also his meal included couple bratwursts fried in more butter and sauerkraut. When asked in comments about the ridiculous amount of things added to his starch, he explained it as his "personal preferences". Jimmy managed to regain 70 lb of his 170 lb initial weight loss while eating LC diet and he weights now at least 300 lb. It is a very good example for thous who don't think twice about adding without any necessity couple spoons of butter to everything. I am not skipping on butter myself, but my food is not swimming in fat, I also eat only two times a day. Also, there is enough of anecdotal evidence that for at leas some people artificial sweeteners stall their weight loss. For many overweight people just counting carbs is not enough, we also have to eat less and less often, and try to experiment with food limitations more. On a bright side, the lack of hunger makes it easier, at lest.
    Here is more on the subject http://itsthewooo.blogspot.com/2012/03/insulin-hypothesis-is-not-same...
  20. Alexandra M
    Mike / Marcy - you might consider that the best way to change the way animals are treated is to create a demand for well treated animals. If the only people who eat animals are people who don't care how animals are treated, then all animals will be subjected to horrible conditions. Not eating meat might reduce the number of animals being tortured, but it will do nothing at all to reduce the level of torture of the animals remaining.

    If you can find a farm near you that raises meat of whatever sort humanely, you can often find people to share a large animal, and it becomes much less expensive. A farm near me is offering chickens for $3 / pound - not cheap, but actually a better deal than the Bell and Evans chickens at the local supermarket.

  21. Laura
    GAlina L you seem very informed on teh finer deatials of Jimmy's diet....there is something called 'carb creep' that happens when you go on a low carb diet and then slowly consciouly or not re-introduce carbs in various guises. I would not worry about the butter he adds (despite my rejection of dairy it is still fat) but wurst as processed meat msot probably has starch/sugar and he adds honey...
    One could try the very strict Atkins low carb induction regime now endorsed also by Weistman, Phinney and Volek in their latest book on Atkins deiting.
    If you are as sensitive to carbs (via insulin) as moi for example even eating a whole orange that stands at 10g net carbs is too much and can trigger your fat storage again and make you plump (Let's be quite honest it is not the face only that is round..the photo reveals much more) before trying the very low carb (25 or less a day) Atkins system I was eating 2-3 apples and oranges and several other sweets fruits a day...weight was slowly creeping on. One week of Atkins induction and i lost 4 pounds = 2kg and hopefully reset my insulin master switch.

    I am not necessarily an endorser of Atkins deit and I abhor their junk food but the philosophy they propose is that of sending you on a journey of discovery for your carb limit until you find a happy balance between how many natural carbs in teh form of fruit and veg honey you are able to let in and your ideal or idealised weight.

    From paleo point of view modern fruits like apples, pears, oranges almost anything on the supermarket shelf have been selected for increased size and sweetness..so they are artificial and far sweeter than anything we would ahve encountered in nature...bar honey of course which would have been a once/twice a year treat (not within easy reach of jar as today)...but see also recent article on honey and the fact that it seems to be actually good for us despite being mostly gluc/fruct + some pollen and other micros.

    Once again the world of abundance we live in today can make us eat too much even when following a suitable nutritional regime.....I shall post an article I found on appetite control where it is stated that since becoming independept of seasonal restrictions in food availability humans have had to relay on conscious effort to stop eating in order to control weight..... so whilst our ancestors had to be constantly on prawl for food often perhaps going empty handed & empty stomach for days we now have to try to curb our appetite constantly faced with an endless feast...sigh!

  22. Galina L.
    Jimmy is a very LC eater for last 10 years and tried adding sweet potatoes during only 5 days as an experiment. I doubt fruits are his problem. If weight is creeping up, it is wise to put attention on everything, including calories intake.
  23. Yoly Erva
    For those still struggling to lose weight while on low carb or having problem with high glucose numbers especially in the morning. They should try is one or two 24hrs water fast every week. You can do it by eating dinner then fast until the next day dinner time, that way you can easily make a 24hrs fast. Is also great to jumpstart you into ketosis. I lost 27 pounds with low carb but stall and with fasting and GABA & Holy Basil was able to lose another 40 pounds.

    High number of blood sugar in LC can also be due to cortisol the stress hormone, it helps regulate glucacon and body fuel utilization. I used to have numbers in pre-diabetic range but taking GABA from Source Naturals and Holy Basil from Himalaya in the 2-3 gram range in divided dosages I was able to lower my glucose numbers into the 70 and 80 mml. They both lower blood glucose and help prevent metabolic syndrome as well as relax you. If you want to try them they can be bought on http://www.Iherb.com if you use the CODE# LOS323 you can get a $5 discount.

  24. Laura
    OOooops I jsut visited his blog for the first time...he does do Atkins....but he is also carb creeping and for someone who was once so big he has to be careful it means he is hyper sensitive to carbs (like me and a few others)...yet he loves testing fad low-carb carbs perhaps too much for his own good. Good luck to him..paleo dieting eskews all grains as their are too 'neo' to be paleo thus no need to test low carb pasta we don't want the damage done by wheat in terms of allergens and inflammation.....happy search for the magic low carb carb we stick to our evolutionary diet...yes keep tubers low as well and surely sweet potato does not need honey/stevia...?
  25. Laura
    Yoly FAsting...I know it can do magic but as I mentioned in a previous post about gall bladder disease I am now without a gall bladder and if i fast for longer than 10-15 hours i get cholecistectmy syndrome consisting a painful bile filled diarrhea (if must know)...I will try it though one more time when I am on holidays and relaxed and see what happens.... : )
  26. Justin B
    Jimmy tests new ideas in the low carb/paleo spectrum for our benefit. I agree that he's probably doing harm to himself by constantly trying out new things, but he wants to benefit the community as a whole.
  27. Diane
    Jimmy Moore just eats too much. If you eat too much low carb food, you'll get fat. Low carb isn't magic, it just makes you not so hungry so you can resist overeating. Some people are not able to resist overeating for whatever reason. I only tried this LCHF diet because of the promise that it would calm my hunger. My hunger was so horrible I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't eat less to lose weight before LCHF. LCHF made it so I didn't have to eat all the time. I wasn't hungry so I ate less (less food, fewer mealtimes) and I lost weight. Look at Andreas' Lunch Buffet plate. I'll bet you Jimmy's was overflowing and not modest like that.
  28. Ellen
    Laura, I'd bet $50 that you don't have the courage to share with the world YOUR dieting struggles on a daily basis. Jimmy has that courage. Taking pot shots from the sidelines and then trying to weasle out with the "Oh, I was joking" line tells me all I need to know about who you are.
  29. Galina L.
    About gallbladder.
    I have been without a gall bladder myself for a while, the longer you live in a such condition, the better you will be adjusted to it. I eat a high-fat diet now and practice IF and a weekly 22 - 24 hours fast without a problem. Don't think that what you have now will last forever. BTW, fasting will not guarantee a low fasting BS for everyone. In my case it went higher because my liver makes too much glucose when insulin goes down. However, IF helped me to move from a long weight-loss plateau and now I reached my goal weight. My FBS goes down if I eat a little bit more carbs, so I try not to be in a deep ketosis all the time. It would be easier to just eat protein, fats and green veggies, but I have to balance.
  30. I have a lot of respect for Jimmy Moore who has done more than almost anyone in the last decade to get the word out about low carb, paleo, primal eating. Many if not most Americans learned about Eenfeldt via JM's blog/podcasts. Why is it so hard for some people to understand that there those who fall all along the spectrum of diet sensitivity (remember the bell curve). We are not all going to respond exactly the same way to any eating program. It's impossible to know how/what people eat if you don't live with them. For years I never ate more than 1200cals day, and was still the heaviest person in my family, and I walked four miles a day unlike the others. I am dismayed by fatuous dieting pride: The it-worked-for-me, you just do what I did idiocy.
  31. Laura
    Ellen My motto is NEVER ever have any secrets I share everything temptations etc with friends and family so that I never get those moments of relapse. I am also an extremely principled person who was vegan for 17 years and NEVER went astray especially on dairies. I would simply NOT eat if there was nothing suitable for me. This is how I have always run my life. I really genuinely don't know this Jimmy Moore I have been on his blog of the first time yesterday. I saw his photo for the first time on this blog..now I realise that he was very overweght then lost on Atkins but has regained a fair bit in relatively recent times i.e. he has been thinner on teh same diet.
    I also add that he is making part or maybe all of his living on his blog/books so he has commercial interests.
    I am really NOT interested in his personality or weaknesses or ethics and those of others. I tell it like I see it and after years of struggling with my weight I recognise a fellow struggler but it is best to know and admit if one is losing the battle with weight again because it creeps on you ever so slowly. Even on paleo I experienced this my temptation? fruit like pineapples and melons and oranges and mangoes and grape fruit I was eating half or a whole of each on my own and I was eating them by the bucket and I put on 3 kgs in as many weeks! But nibbed it in the bud.
    the hardest thing for me perhaps even harder that losing weight is MAINTAING it! After all the congratulations of friends and your own swallen self esteem have gotten used to your new slim self then you are left with your good ol' self facing every day temptations and fearing even dreading the slow creep of weight...it is in fact usually photos or a shopping trip for clothes that brutally reveals to me the dreaded truth: I am going up again..and almost ALWAYS I know excatly why...I OVER ATE indulging in things I like such honey and sweet fruit! I often wonder what else can i remove from my deit before there will be nothing left and still put wight on. luckily for me at present I am pretty stable at 69kg with a height or 1.72 so i am doing good. but I have to be on guard ALL the time every minute of my waking day and I will continue to do so for as long as I have the energy to!

    Galina as I mentioned my problem with my gall-bladder-less state is the irritating effect that bile has on my intestine causing diarrhea after more than 10-15 hours without food. With the knowledge of how good fasting is for us I am even more frustrated by this symptom but as I said I shall give 24hr fasting another try soon when on holidays and when not too far from the nearest loo!
    bye for now

  32. Justin B
    Diane, really? Applying CICO to low carb is a very outdated simple way to look at it. That's not all there is to it. There's way too much science about the storage of fat and how it happens for your simple answer to be THE answer. Its only a small part of the greater whole. Please watch a Gary Taubes or Robert Lustig lecture, or read one of the many books about the science of low carb.
  33. Galina L.
    In order to adapt you should not do abrupt changes. If you have a diarrhea after 15 hours of not eating, don't attempt a 24 hours fast yet. Try to increase an interval between you supper and breakfast slowly and see how your body will react. Probably right now 24 hours of very light eating is your answer.
    I agree with Diane. Her saying that somebody gained weight because of overeating , doesn't mean she advises to JM to count calories, but rather to use LC diet features to try to eat less.There are enough of LC dieters and some bloggers, who regained weight while meticulously counting their carbs, to prove her point, regardless of what Gary Taubes said. I love his books and GCBC gave me a lot of inspiration to continue my low-carbs life-style, but he is not a god, and he never treated people for a weight-loss, unlike Dr. Eades and Dr.Atkins who never advised unrestricted eating on LC to their patients. If I followed GT's advise to the letter, I would be at least 15 lb higher right now for sure.The theory of limiting carbs for a weight loss is rightfully based on the obesogenic properties of insulin. However, there are other things that affect insulin production, like just act of eating, eating a big meal (Dr.Bernstein called it the Chinese Buffet Effect), eating too much of protein. I have been eating LC diet soon to be for 5 years. In order to move myself from a weight-loss plateau, I had to limit not only my carbs, but also the amount of times when I eat, eliminating all snacks, keeping a narrow eating window, practicing 24 hours fast ones a week, and I based my strategy on the insulin theory of a weight-loss, not a CICO. Some managed to reach their weight-loss goals by only paying attention to the amount of carbs in their diet, but unfortunately it is not true for everybody ease.
  34. Justin B
    Galina, while I applaud your hopeful outlook on what Diane was saying, but there's no way that she was saying all that. She was saying that low carb ONLY works because it lowers your hunger and calories, and that additional science has nothing to do with it. Quote:
    "If you eat too much low carb food, you'll get fat."
    I doubt that someone who isn't fat could get fat on only meat and veggies, no matter how much they eat.
    "Low carb isn't magic, it just makes you not so hungry so you can resist overeating. Some people are not able to resist overeating for whatever reason. I only tried this LCHF diet because of the promise that it would calm my hunger."
    The word 'just' is used here as a synonym for 'only'.
  35. Marcy
    I never thought and still don't think that Jimmy Moore eats that much. When I used to follow his daily food blog I was eating at least twice as much as him and I am an older 5'3" woman and weigh120 pounds. I was/am eating low carb like Jimmy, but eating a lot more than him. I don't think the food he posts looks like all that much.
  36. Galina L.
    Yes, Diane's comment presents a very simplified reason to follow a LC diet. However, the fact that it is possible to regain fat after a weight-loss on a LC diet,as she pointed, if often under the radar.Her comment is not 100% accurate but absolutely harmless, unlikely some encouraging in gorging, which is often a feature on LC blogs. How often did you read the advise to "just eat more butter"? Some people spread the message that it doesn't matter how much you eat until the food is LC. BTW, it works just fine for some, depends on metabolic state. It is different than getting fat in a first place by eating meat, butter and veggies. which is is hardly unlikely. But after a person got obese, spent some time in a such condition, then loose 20 -50 lb on any diet, his/her body metabolically became different and there are multiple mechanisms to return the lost fat back into shrunken fat cells. It is easier to resist that process while being on a LC diet, but fighting against your own body is a challenge. Probably, it may be as difficult, as for a teenage girl to fight against appearing boobs and other natural curves. I am maintaining my lost weight on much smaller amount of food that I ate while loosing. It is a blessing that I am not hungry due to my diet, and a ketogenic diet also caused the elimination or great reduction of basically all my health problems, I even have not been getting a seasonal flue any more since the start of my diet almost 5 years ago.
    I hope it didn't matter for Jemmy Moore, but he lost my moral support after I learned that he considered eating hugely over-sweetened and over-buttered food to be the norm due to ridiculous" personal preferences". The regaining of 70 lb on a LC diet while investing into the carier as the LC voise is nothing but a tragedy. I wish I could help.
  37. Food looks great! Minus the soda cans... :)
  38. Laura
    Dear GAlinaL
    Quick comment..I ahve to agree with you. I also had to adapt low carb advice of teh Atkins type (think induction phase). They recomment snacks in order not to starve the body and reduce energy consumption but I found that eating between meals for me was bad. It increased my appetite and obviously overall calorie consumption. We need have teh courage to discover our limits and what works for us. It will be trial and error for a while but it also means you get to know your metabolic machienry pretty well in the long run so no surprises and more control.
    After all it is an experiment
  39. People with insulin resistance, or anyone who finds they keep wanting to snack, should avoid eating between meals; at least a couple studies have shown that for some people such eating stimulates desire for eating more often. The leptin docs also say the body needs the rest between meals for proper leptin signalling.
  40. Marcus
    Eating LCHF seems so hard here in America. I have been searching and trying to find ways to eat LCHF on a budget. I have a bunch of stuff I have found...as far as dairy should I be limiting that more...I feel like Im not losing as much as I should. I have found great price on meat by going to the hispanic supermarket. Does anyone have any more suggestions on differnt meals or combinations of food that people can make quickly and on the go? I have a few ideas but I am becoming bored with them and cooking is becoming a hassle.

    Thank you dietdoctor for all the info.

  41. Galina L.
    I don't know what you are complaining about. Almost every butcher will give you free fat because they throw it away, and I am cooking with a beef tallow now. Organ meats like liver, tong, kidneys are very low priced, even a grass-fed variety, chickens and turkeys are cheap, pork is cheap. If you want to eat high-fat milk products, just add heavy cream into any yogurt or sour-cream. My son who is a student eats paleo-style food since last August , and is amazed how cheap it is. Most savings come from not buying any snacks, drinks, eating not often. When he is busy during tests time, he lives on stakes. It costs less than a fast-food meal, takes 5 min to cook, keeps you full longer. I always give him at the beginning of each semester a gallon of self-made sauerkraut (about 50c per lb) in order to be sure he eats some vegetables.
  42. Kris
    How about all of you who are ripping on Jimmy back off and worry about yourselves?
  43. Nadine
    I agree with Diane, it is still possible to overeat on low carb. For me, a long time overeater and binge eater, first going off sugar immediately brought my appetite control back. But then my brain managed to over-ride the full signals, both at the end of meals and in between meals. So then I tried low carb and initially was able to manage my appetite well. But then once again my brain (somewhat hormonally driven I feel) took over and I once again began eating more and more. Part of the reason was after a few months of low carbing I had no energy and ate to try to get more energy.

    Anyway, so now I am back to calorie counting as I've put on 9kg (not all with low carb though) and I'm only eating some carbs in the morning. Plus I'm still sugar-free and seed oil free. But I still really believe in low carb for the metabolically affected obese people, and sugar-free for the rest of us.

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