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In August many of the most important leaders of the Paleo / LC movement go to Los Angeles for the first Ancestral Health Symposium.

I’m one of the presenters and today is the deadline for an abstract. I just finished a draft. You are welcome to read it and comment. This 150 word text will hopefully make people interested in listening to my lecture:

Evolution of a Diet Revolution

How do we change the world? The failure of conventional nutritionism is horrifying. An ever bigger majority of the population in the industrialized world fall prey to the metabolic syndrome: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and all the related diseases. As the disaster unfolds the conventional advice is to keep doing the same thing: Double or nothing.

Modern science shows the mistake: The unnecessary fear of saturated fat. It made us fear real food. Instead we eat ever more pure sugar and easily digested starch: the very problem behind today’s epidemic.

Now we know and now it’s time to act. Time to change the world. But how? Luckily there are lessons to be learned from an unexpected place. In a small country in northern Europe the diet revolution is already on its way.

Is it a sign of things to come? That may be in our hands.


Feedback is very much appreciated. Spelling / grammar mistakes? Other, bigger, suggested changes?


  1. Dai
    I think that sounds excellent! It's definitely the point that needs to be made..either we change or our world keeps dying nutritionally. Who among us can afford to be sick anymore? The costs of Drs, clinics, hospitals ect. is outrageous. The sad thing is, some Drs. are trying to help but they get paid hardly nothing in return for their knowledge and willingness to help people. Something has got to give and I for one think that eating low carb is just the beginning of a revolution. Just my two cents worth :)
  2. Shawna
    Sounds great! I wanted to read more! Low Carb is definitely the way to go. Not only healthier physically, but also mentally, but that may just be me. Keep it up, let's change the world!
  3. Margaretrc
    I live in the LA area and would definitely go, except I am already booked on another trip at the same time.:(
  4. wsb
    I am not certain about this phrase:
    "An ever bigger majority"
    You might prefer to say "an ever larger percentage "

    "already on its way" You could phrase this as "is already underway."

    also, the last sentence:
    "That may be in our hands."
    I am not sure what "that" refers to.

    you might prefer to say, something like - "Here's the progress we have to report so far. "

    The purpose of this draft is to entice viewers to your talk and the talk focuses on the nutritional ideas that are working in your country, not just the failed ideas that we are all, unfortunately, familiar with.

    In other words, I think you should try to close with something less abstract if possible.

    Good luck with the draft; feel free to email if I can assist you.

  5. Matt D
    Nice piece, good intro, general enough to cover many areas that i'm sure will be covered in more detail later on in the symposium. I agree w/ the comments of wsb (above), and i would also suggest a short mention about whole/natural/high quality food sources, from meat, produce, and quality fat. Good job!
  6. Teri Fout
    It sounds intriguing and inspirational. Wish I could attend the symposium.

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