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If you want to support scientifically-proven dietary guidelines, in contrast to the current outdated ones, here is one way to help.

You can now donate money to the Nutrition Coalition, a very promising non-profit organization working for scientifically-based guidelines in the United States. Two of the amazing people involved are Nina Teicholz and Dr. Sarah Hallberg.

The current guidelines have long been based upon weak science that has since been contradicted in large, government-funded clinical trials. Some of that original bad advice has been overturned: e.g., the caps on cholesterol were finally dropped in 2015.

These recommendations do not just lack a foundation in rigorous evidence. In some cases, they have been demonstrated to cause actual harm, particularly for those with metabolic diseases.

Contributions are fully tax-deductible in the US. Consider supporting the non-profit The Nutrition Coalition here:

Donate: Fix the dietary guidelines!

Learn more: Nutrition Coalition

Teicholz and the dietary guidelines

Dr. Sarah Hallberg

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  1. Mark
    This is our time to be heard. We must act to carry our message of dietary recovery to others and by doing so help ourselves. The guidelines will affect how we are addressed by doctors, the choices we can make in the grocery and the restaurant. Become involved and drop a small comment addressing YOUR concerns of the current guidelines and what you would like to see after 2022.

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