Heart attack grill

I can’t believe I missed this place when I was in Vegas last month. Didn’t know it was there. I’d love to try french fries made with real lard.

Avoid the soda and the white hamburger bread in this place and I’d be prepared to call it health food.


  1. johnnyv
    Beef fat makes even better tasting fries than lard does.
  2. nell
    First Mark Sisson and his 'Epic Meal Time' Weekend Link, and now you :)

    God, the guys in this video ... daaark rings under the eyes - before they ate, of course.

  3. Ezer
    Great place! I hope the burger don't have trans fat in it :-)
  4. James C
    I could barely eat a double bypass there since the patties are 8 oz each. The biggest burger I have eaten is was 2/3 pound at Fuddruckers with no sides and I was stuffed. My stomach isn't big enough for more. Keep in mind I am 42 and weigh 270 lbs. I didn't get overweight eating too much but by consuming the wrong foods like HFCS laden soft drinks. I find it funny that if you are over 350 lbs you eat for free there. I think they also know about the truth that you won't get that fat on the food they serve unless you guzzle the soft drinks which I doubt you would have room for.
  5. OMG... I have to get to Vegas in my lifetime to have a bunless heart attack burger. Drooling like Homer Simpson over here.... :-P
  6. Greg
    I'm with Laurie ^^^
  7. Shawn P
    I just ate there in Vegas a few weeks ago. It is just as phenominal as it sounds. I ate the double bypass burger (no bun) and I, of course, had try the butterfat shake. It was simply breathtaking. The fries were fries. The lard didn't seem to make a huge difference. They were good but not worth the extra starch. I have dreams about the burger now. Also, if you order bacon on the double (which I did) it comes with 10 strips...which is awesome! The only problem is that they don't serve diet soda or water to drink. They do have unsweet tea, though.

    I highly recommend the Heart Attack Grill.

  8. Jonas

    I've read that Fredrik paulun is saying lchf is dangerous and is now promoting lchq.

    What should I think on Fredrick's standpoint?

  9. Maggan A

    "What shoud I tink on Fredrick´s standpoint?"

    Just follow the money


  10. nell
    LCHQ my ass.

    This is one of the instances when a quote from Matt Lalonde comes to mind:
    "I have a day job."

    If someone's got a job that hasn't got anything to do with promotion of HealthyIsms,
    he's immediately got an "unfair" advantage.

  11. Maggan A

    That is one (1) book.

    When you find many different crappy products full of carbs in colorfull packages with Eenfeldts name on it - let me know.

  12. Carl
    They all have a price tag. And that was what your comment above was about, not about carbs or crappiness.
  13. I can understand that not serving water or diet soda is part of their "unhealthy" gimmick, but seriously, they must have done at least a little research and have heard about low-carb. They might not want to cater to this market officially (yet!), but they should still do it.

    I'd eat there in a snap. However, after eating LCHF for so long (and losing 65+ lbs), I doubt I could eat more than a bunless double. These days one avocado curbs my appetite for hours.

    It would be amusing to see a mini-documentary following some skinny LCHF'ers who make a regular pilgrimage to the HAG :)

  14. Margaretrc
    LCHQ? I don't know what that is, but anyone who says LCHF is dangerous had better back that up with some valid evidence. There are traditional ways of eating that are LCHF and the peoples who enjoy that way of eating also enjoy health far better than those who eat SAD or LFHC or some other sad excuse for a way of eating. Follow the evidence--LCHF rocks!

    My husband and I plan to go to Vegas some time in the not too distant future--he hasn't been and I wasn't there long when I was. We will definitely check this place out--for the burgers, sans buns and fries. I doubt their meat is grass fed, though. Sigh.

  15. Zepp
    Every thing thats F Paulun is selling is healty if he is asked!

    And I say.. thats a way of eating LCHF, that to.. if you like fish, poultry and mono-unsaterated fats, and so on.

    To you not Swedish peopel.. Paulun is our Swedish GI-guru, thats now composed a own LCHF, cald LCHQ.. Q stands for Quality fat.. more mono-unsaterated fats.


  16. Galina L
    I am with Brian. Somehow some people see a LC way of eating as an opportunity to pig out without gaining weight(it works for some, but not for everybody), while LC diet is a great suppressant of an appetite. I also can't eat huge quantities of food any more, which makes grass-fed and organic food more affordable.
  17. Milton
    I don't think that they are concerned with health, as much as they are with taste. Sugary sodas aren't good for us, but most people find them irresistably palatable. I almost never drink soda or fruit juice anymore, but I could go through a 2 liter bottle of soda in a day. The impression I get from the Heart Attack Grill is that they're thumbing their noses at healthy eating and promoting the enjoyment of pure taste. Large burgers dipped in lard, fries cooked in beef tallow, thick shakes, sugary drinks... society in general doesn't think "healthy" when they see that.

    What they DO think is... oh my god, that looks like a plate full of heaven.

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  19. Funderaren
    Futurelabs, doctors dont like viruses...
  20. Funderaren
    Didnt someone by the way got a heart attack at the heart attack grill. But I guess he/her wasnt a lowcarber.

    Apperently it was a he and he ate a 700g burger with bacon. I guess he had a weightproblem to begin with.

  21. rita
    I've just started my LCHF diet. Is it ok to eat lard with vegetables on a daily basis? Should I prefer unsaturated to saturated fat? Does butter have lactose and other carbohydrates? Does avocado have lots of carbs? Help please!
  22. Zepp
    Lard is ok.. but one shouldnt eat it by spoon, take it from fatty meat!

    Non starchy vegetabels is altso ok.. to your meat!

    You can use either saturated or monounsaturated fats, dont over do polyunsaturated fats.

    Butter have traces of lactose.

    Avocado is fatty to be a fruit!


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  23. rita
    I love the Fineli.fi link! Thank you so much Zepp!
    But why should one not overdo poplyunsaturated fat? Isn't it the one found in healthy fatty fish such as salmon?
  24. Zepp
    One shouldnt get more then 4E% of polyunsaturated fat and half of that from EPA and/or DHA!

    Becuse polysaturated fat is very reactive.. prone to ger oxidiced.. and you dont want to have a lot of oxidised fats in your body!

    And one should get the EPA and DHA from fatty fish, grass feed meat and Omega-3 eggs.

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  25. rita
    Thank you!

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