Healthy school kids in Argentina eating food “low in carbohydrates”


Hi, everyone! It’s Kim here, from our Spanish site Diet Doctor español! Here’s some news I thought was worth sharing on our English site too, about school meals in Argentina.

Congratulations to the directors of the Right to Food program in Mendoza, Argentina!

Not only will they increase the budget for their Healthy School Meals program by 70 million pesos (to a total of 550 million pesos for the 2018 financial year) but they have also shown a far better understanding of healthy nutrition than is generally seen among public health bodies worldwide.

María Selva Trevisán, the director of the Right to Food program, tells journalists from El Sol newspaper that:

“The meals are healthy because they are low in carbohydrates”

Music to our ears! As our columnist Libby Jenkins writes in her low carb for kids guide,

“By reducing processed food and high carb foods from children’s meals you reduce their risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay and other diseases of metabolic dysfunction. You improve their nutrition, concentration, mood, immunity, energy, and develop their appreciation for real food over processed foods”.

We are very pleased that such a good decision has been made for the health of children in Mendoza!

Read the full article (in Spanish): El Sol: Destinarán $550 millones para alimentación en escuelas

More information: Low carb kids: How to raise children on real low carb food

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