What is a healthy diet? Low carb, vegan or everything in moderation?

What is a healthy diet? Ivor Cummins and our video crew – Simon and Giorgos – were recently in Florida for a conference. They stopped at Miami Beach to ask people for their opinion.

Do people prefer low carb, vegan food or everything in moderation? Check out the video above to find out (transcript).

“Healthy Food Options and Low Carb” – Ivor Cummins

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  1. bill
    Well done Ivor! Funny!
  2. Ansive
    Good to see some people actually know what's up.
  3. Tracy Lee
    Aaahhh Ivor Cummins, one of my favourite LCHF pundits. Looks like you had a great time.
  4. Diana Younts
    When I was a strict plant based vegan, my HDL was 50 and my triglycerides were160. The first 90 days on Keto my HDL 109 and my triglycerides 40. I do not take any cholesterol medications, not for LDL, nor triglycerides. I tested every 3 months. Now only twice a year. Love Ivor Cummins and William Davis Md.

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