Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer

In Scandinavia Midsummer is one of the most celebrated holidays – and it’s today. Klara and family wishes you a very happy Midsummer.


  1. Nathalie
  2. Cate
    Sooo sweet!
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Donna E
    Who needs sugar when one can just look at that sweet face!
  5. Tia
    Thank you doc! Same for you and your family! :)
    She is so cute....
  6. Don in Arkansas
    What a beautiful child! As for midsummer, it is 101 degree (F) here today and I'm looking forward to midfall.
  7. Lovely happy face. Enjoy those times with your dear little child - they grow up too fast.

    Here in Cornwall we are having probably the worst summer ever: it's cold, wet and very windy.

  8. Dana
    She is so precious!
  9. moreporkplease
  10. Risalu
    Lovley picture.
    Happy midsummerday to you all.

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  11. JAUS
    For the Swedes Midsummer is about as important as Yule (Swedish/Scandinavian Christmas). The two opposite holidays have been celebrated since ancient times, they contrast of the dark winter and the light summer was important to the ancestors.
  12. I grew up in NZ (now I live in the UK) and we often have a mid- winter Christmas in June. As we don't get to do the snowy, wintry Christmas in December, it is nice to have a big old Christmas meal at the mid way point of the year. To carry on this tradition, I have a mid summer Christmas here in the UK for family. So they can experience what a NZ Christmas might be like with a BBQ and plenty of beer!
    By the way - your little girl is certainly thriving - a low carb lifestyle certainly agrees with her. What a cutie!
  13. mezzo
    What a bonnie little girl!! Happy midsummer. Actually - we are celebrating too. There is a midsummer concert tonight - out of doors, classical music and jazz!
  14. shums
    We celebrate this here too in some places. This is in my state.
  15. Barbara
    And she looks just like Daddy!!!
  16. Swedish Midsummer for Dummies:




  17. Brigitta
    I'm not sure who's happier... the baby or her daddy. She is such a sweety!
  18. Heather
    Simply adorable!
  19. Diana
    What a beautiful baby!
    Happy Midsummer to you!
    Hope to meet you at AHS2012 :-)

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