1. Peter
    Or Midwinter, if you're south of the equator!

    But despite your Northern-centric perspective :-), thanks for your blog! I'm sure I'm one of many fans of your blog who happen to live on the wrong side (for the moment) of the equator ....

    From a chilly Pretoria, South Africa.

  2. Diane
    Happy Midsummer from Scotland, where it is raining!!! We often have liquid sunshine here!!
  3. Gustav
    Happy Midsummer Scotland ! Isnt it always raining there ? But loooove ur country !
  4. Stephanie
    Thank you for the picture of your beautiful Klara, what an angel.
  5. FrankG
    Happy Midsummer to you and your family! :-)
  6. JAUS
    Correction, it's a huge holiday in Sweden (almost bigger than "Yule", or "Christmas" as the anglo-saxians calls the midvinter holiday.) Midsummer is not really a "huge" holiday in the other scandinavian countries.

    My etnic background is from a other scandinavian country so I don't really celebrate midsummer at all. Still, it's nice to see that Midsummer has kept it's pagan rots in Sweden and isn't a Christian holiday as in other countries.

  7. ZellZ
    Happy Summer Solstice!!!
    (What a Beautiful Beautiful photograph)!!!!!
  8. Margaretrc
    Klara sure is a beautiful little girl! Happy MIdsummer!
  9. Margaret
    Thank you Andreas, I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
    It's cold here in Sydney, Australia, but not as cold as your winters.
    I look forward to your next interview from the Low Carb Cruise.
  10. Jan
    What a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing it.

    (Belated) but Happy Midsummer Wishes

    All the best Jan

  11. katya
    Klara is such a credit to her parents; SO healthy and happy.
    Congratulations and Please keep sharing pictures of her :-)

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