Evening snacks for kids at Diet Doctor’s


Are there any good alternatives to evening snacks – without a lot of sugar and junk food – that are appreciated by young kids?

If you ask Klara, 3 years old, this it the perfect alternative (water to go with it). This is what she wants from the grocery store. Perhaps because she never got used to anything sweeter.

What do you serve as an evening snack?


  1. Christina
    My 3 years old daughter loves sweets. :(
    Unfortunately she got them from grandma, other kids and even kindergarden. :(
    It is really hard to chage her taste, she has sweet tooth already.
    But, we don't have evening snacks, she get milk after dinner, then go to bed.
  2. Jan
    My grandchildren love blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or some cheese squares, or a little cream cheese on celery sticks. There is plenty of choice.

    Before bedtime they always enjoy a glass of full fat milk the 4% kind.

    All the best Jan

  3. Apicius
    Lately I have become a huge fan of Cerignola olives from Italy. They are huge, meaty olives that have a mild, buttery flavor. Incredibly delicious and so nutritious!


  4. kaylen
    When I babysat a friend's 4 year old, I told him he could have anything that wasn't sweet since he'd had a cookie earlier. He chose mushrooms and salami - works for me!
  5. Adrian
    Sorry, what are those 3 foods in the pic, doc?
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  6. Kat
    When I was Klara's age, I would waddle out to our garden in the Russian summers and pick and eat wild raspberries and black currents that grew in our garden and then head out to forage for wild strawberries in the woods (most of which I ate as I picked). Nothing better at any time of day. However, the cultivated berries available in the market contain a lot more sugar than the berries I picked and ate with much gusto as a child. Still better than the rubbish sold as snacks.

    I don't have children, but in America (where I live now), children don't seem to eat real food.

  7. Megan
    Nothing after dinner - but we try to stick to fruit or cold meats after school. Don't always succeed though as our kids are too old to have been impacted by my more recent change to a sugar free lifestyle. They developed a taste for sweets when they were younger and now as teenagers they buy sweets for themselves. But they are aware it is bad for them - I just hope they will make changes for themselves as they get older and wiser. One thing is that they have never had fizzy soft drinks and we don't drink juice. This makes them way better than most of their friends.
  8. FrankG
    Looks to me like (L to R) : Roasted Salted Cashews (be careful about which oils are used in roasting), Fresh Blueberries (wild is best) and Fresh Raspberries
  9. Amelia
    My children love cashews, cheese, salami, celery with peanut butter, apple with peanut butter, or if they're really hungry, a tin of oysters. Dessert if we have it is berries with whipping cream and/or a small piece of dark chocolate.
  10. dom
    Wouldn't all three bowls together in that picture, be a high amount of carbs?
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  11. FrankG
    Perhaps... but only if you assume that all three were offered at the same sitting and that a three year-old child would finish them all off :-)
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  13. Kim
    Cheese "chips". Slices of cheddar broken up on parchment paper, microwaved for 1 minute. Crunchy cheese chips.
  14. Kaye Bonato
    I don't think this is the right place for you to be promoting your page.
  15. Vivien Harris
    Nothing after dinner but water but we eat at 6:30pm so its no time until bed. But the above is very similar to what my daughter has for her after school snack. Its macadamia nuts and/or cheese and/or strawberries with thick/heavy cream. And no complaints except if I don't bring the nuts in the car when she has after school activity!!
  16. Tania
    Cashew spread (from the health food shop) spread into celery sticks is a good bed time snack. My daughter doesn't have dairy so this is a good alternative ☺

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