Gym with a view


Now the cruise is really on! After a lovely dinner and a couple of glasses of wine last night I had to get to bed early, still jetlagged. Rising early today I went to the deck gym with Monique Forslund and did some pullups at sunrise. Very Paleo.

Today the lectures start with people like dr Eric Westman, dr John Briffa and many others. Looking forward to it!

PS: Do you want more cruise reports? Check out Monique Forslund’s English blog.


  1. Marje
    We are loving ALL of your reports... please keep them coming!
  2. Hmm...with such a good source of speakers will any of the presentations be online?
  3. Ruby
    you missed one of the best speakers who was kicked off the ship because of "suspicious tweets". what a shame:
  4. Jen
    Terrorist threats, now?

    The 'high starch' clique is full of nutjobs.

  5. I love that photo. THe blues, oh the BLUES!!! And you look fit as usual. :D

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