Sugary drinks banned from hospitals in New Zealand


Several hospitals in New Zealand will not serve any sweet and sugary drinks at all. Why? Here’s what they say:

As a hospital we don’t believe we should be selling sickness.

Stuff Health: Ground-Breaking Sugary Drinks Policy at Nelson Marlborough DHB

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Dietitians of Canada Calls for the Taxation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

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  1. murray
    Momentum is building on sugar.

    Today's news from Canada: "Senators urge new sugar tax, ad ban to combat ‘alarming’ obesity rates"

  2. Janknitz
    Good to see that recognition.

    But I bet they will still give people nutritional supplements loaded with sugar, and tube feeding formulas loaded with sugar (not to mention highly processed unsaturated oils). The sickest people in the hospital get the most sugar.

  3. Matt
    I see they will still have tea and coffee. I wonder if they will remove sugar as a sweetener for those beverages. It would be hypocritical not to.
  4. Anne
    It is about time! One of the times I wished I lived in NZ rather than Aust. LOL WELL DONE!!!

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