Grillin’ with Keto Connect – Juicy butter burgers

Introducing our fun summer series, Grillin’ with Keto Connect! Featuring everyone’s favorite keto couple, Megha Barot and Matt Gaedke, aka Keto Connect. We had these special guests visiting us here in Sweden, at the Diet Doctor headquarters. But they did not just travel halfway around the world to say hi but also to shoot an exciting and inspiring cooking show for our members.

Grillin’ with Keto Connect is all about firing up the grill for those hot summer cookouts with friends and family. However, we made sure that all of the recipes will work just fine indoors on the stovetop as well, any given cold and rainy day in Alaska.

Megha and Matt bring you tons of inspiration and also share tips and ideas on how to be even more creative in the kitchen when cooking keto and low carb. All the recipes are super simple, require no special equipment, and are highly delicious!

Today we’re proud to present the first episode of Grillin’ with Keto Connect, where Megha and Matt prepare mouthwatering juicy butter burgers.

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