Are you great at video editing/motion design? Change the world with Team Diet Doctor in Stockholm


Are you a star at editing videos and also interested in low-carb eating? Do you live close to Stockholm? Then this could be the job of your dreams.

Diet Doctor continues to expand at a rapid pace. Diet Doctor is now the biggest low-carb site in the world! We have around 200,000 daily visitors and we continue to grow rapidly. The interest in low-carb diets is also growing rapidly in many countries, including the US.

There is an urgent need for what we do, as the global epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes are growing. We want to spread well-established and trustworthy knowledge in a simple and inspiring way, free for everyone who needs it. This is financed through an optional membership (we now have 32,000 paying members) to remain independent from industry money, products or advertisements.

We are now twelve full-time coworkers, up from five just one year ago. We also work with around twenty part-time freelancers and moderators. This is your chance to become one of the first employees in a fast-growing company with enormous ambitions for the future.

New video possibilities

Video is something we’ve invested in for a long time in the form of interviews, video courses, filmed presentations and commentaries. We continuously work at improving our productions. Simon Victor has soon worked with us for three years, and in November 2016 he partnered up with Giorgos Chloros. We also have help from free-lancers.


Giorgos and Simon in San Francisco

Once again, we want to strengthen our team with a third full-time job. Someone who is already great at what they’re doing and who can rapidly get started with editing interviews, presentations and video courses. You should also be able to take part in developing new creative concepts in the area, for instance cooking videos or commentaries, or a dramatic development of our video courses.

You’ll work at our growing central office at Klarabergsgatan in Stockholm, together with nine other coworkers.

You get the chance to sometimes – if you wish – partake in and improve our recordings, in Sweden as well as on international trips to conferences or gatherings.

If you have a friend who would fit, please tell him or her! Here’s more about the job:

We’re looking for a video editor who:

  • Has good knowledge and plenty of experience in cutting, color correcting and processing sound. Preferably with a Mac and Final Cut Pro X, which we’re using. Knowledge about other softwares such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere etc. is also a merit and very welcome.
  • Has good knowledge and plenty of experience in creating motion graphics in software such as After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere etc.
  • Excellent skills in English, verbally and in writing.
  • Has competence and creative ideas that can strengthen and improve our videos.
  • Has high ambitions for videos, and a will strive for maximal quality and constant improvement.
  • Has an interest in healthy living.
  • Wants to work hard with something meaningful, and develop and learn rapidly. This is necessary for us to have an effect on the gigantic challenges we’re facing, like helping hundreds of millions of people with obesity and diabetes around the world.
  • Lives in Stockholm.

The studio

jason-fung-1600×943-800×472We have a studio for recording videos which is isolated from sound, where we can record video courses with experts in front of a green screen. You can help out with this if you’re interested, and edit them and develop motion graphics for them.

Possibility to go on international trips

An example of opportunities to travel is that we tend to do 4-5 annual trips to low-carb events and record videos. For instance to Breckenridge, Colorado (the ski resort), Miami and Tampa, Florida, most years a one-week cruise in the Carribean and to San Diego annually for the Low Carb USA conference.

The company will of course cover any travelling costs and accomodation for people who need to join us for our video recordings. As an editor you don’t need to travel, but you’re very welcomed to do so if you have an interest in handling a video camera.



More bonus characteristics – not necessities

  • Interest in video editing, sound and light (for any assistance a few times per year if you wish).
  • Experience in recording with DSLR cameras similar to our Sony A7S II (same here, this is just a minor part of the job and you can learn it at the spot if you’re interested).
  • Knowledge about LCHF, having followed the diet debate the last couple of years and being familiar with it.
  • Possibility to start soon with some free-lancing video editing, if you don’t have the possibility to start full-time immediately (for instance if you have a notice period).
  • Possibility to start a full-time employment already within a couple of months is also a bonus, but not necessary. We’ll patiently wait for the right person.
  • It is likely that we’ll relatively soon strengthen our video team even more, with more full-time employees and free-lancers. The company is also growing rapidly, and you’ll be able to shape it. It is a bonus if you think this sounds fun and exciting.


In order to fit in our team you’ll have to live up to the characteristics mentioned above, but otherwise we’re positive towards diversity. Your religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, gender or ethnicity do not matter. Maybe it is obvious, but it is worth mentioning.


Our goal is that people everywhere will be empowered to revolutionize their health. Our possibilities to do that is growing exponentially – a few years ago nobody worked full time in the company, and now we’re twelve people working full-time and twenty other part-time workers, free-lancers or moderators.

It is an exciting time to be part of Team Diet Doctor. Note that we of course pay market-based salaries. You’ll likely get the same salary that you would get at your current job – and probably a much more exciting and meaningful job. In addition, all coworkers can become part-owners in the company.

Are you a star at video editing and motion design? Are you curious about working with us as a full-time employee, with all our video productions? Then send in your application. Maybe it’s you we’re looking for.

Apply now

Send in the following five things to within ten days (at the latest Friday May 5th).

  1. Personal letter (no more than one page long) about why you’re a perfect match for this job.
  2. Salary suggestion.
  3. CV with references and preferably a picture.
  4. An appropriate work sample, for instance several videos you’ve contributed to. Could be a link to something on the Internet, for instance YouTube, alternatively a downloadable link. Specify your role in the work.
  5. Bonus: Short suggestion and thoughts about how Diet Doctor could be improved, especially when it comes to video. See three examples of what we’re doing today.

We’ll go through all applications and then contact any particularly interesting applicants within two weeks after the application time is closed, for interviews.

Earlier searches for jobs at Diet Doctor have generated around a 100 applications, many highly ambitious, per person who became employed. Take the five tasks above seriously if you want to increase your chance.

What happens after you’ve sent in your application?

If you’re a promising candidate we’ll contact you for a telephone interview. If you on the other hand is one of the best candidates you might be called for an interview and test work at the office in Stockholm, at a time that suits you (with compensation for any lost salary and costs). Alternatively you can get a task to do some freelance work, with salary, as test work.

Good luck!

Three examples of our previous videos

Improvement suggestions for our videos are warmly welcomed and a merit (see step 5 above, for application).







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