“Stop Buying Into the Great Statin Con”


It’s time to stop buying into the great statin con, says Dr. Aseem Malhotra. The benefits have been greatly exaggerated and the side effects have been downplayed, as our knowledge is completely based on studies from the statin industry.

Side effects include muscle pain, weakness, feeling tired, and slightly reduced IQ. Also, for every one hundred people taking statins for a few years one extra person will develop diabetes type 2.

Apparently newer and more rigorously controlled studies (after 2006) on statins show overall no significant benefit at all.

Considering all this statins should probably only be prescribed to people at very high risk of heart disease (usually only people with preexisting disease). Certainly not to a large part of the healthy population.

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  1. Bob Niland
    The HOPE-3 trial results are also out, and are sobering. Nearly 700 people died to prove, once again, that statins have negligible benefit in all-cause mortality, despite cranking down the mythological LDL-C by 30%.

    How many of those 691 people would still be alive if any sane attention had been paid to diet?

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