Good news about obesity in New York

Childhood obesity

This is encouraging news. Childhood obesity rates in America have been rising every year for a long time. Now that trend seems to have changed in one place. The New York Health Department reports that obesity rates in kids have been going down the last few years. Kids in NYC are becoming fitter again.

This is attributed to the city’s “aggressive advertising campaign against sugary sodas”. They have also “enacted strict rules on the calorie and sugar content of snacks and drinks in school vending machines, and even put limits on bake sales”.

Get rid of the sugar (and starch) and kids get fitter and healthier. Hopefully this can be an inspiration.

What the US needs

Why not show this NYC commercial on every channel in the US, it might save a few million lives:

Nice wake up call, don’t you think?

Other media

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Of course the mention of low-fat milk at the end of the commercial is simply wrong. Even the people in NYC have some things left that they need to understand.


  1. mezzo
    Nice one, yes. Except for the advice to drink fat-free milk, arrrghhh.
  2. Amber
    I don't like that ad at all. It completely reinforces the idea that eating fat makes you fat.
  3. How good is the data?
    As the obese staying (skipping the weight in day) away rather than step on the scales and undergoing harassment?
  4. JAUS
    Milk is for kids (full fat of course), not for adults. I used to drink a lot of milk every day until I stopped when I started with LCHF. In the beginning of the transition I drank cream mixed with milk and lessened the milk ratio as time went by until I drank pure cream (40% fat). Now I only drink water (I don't drink alcohol).
  5. Daniel Margolies
    I wish the same held true for areas in the Midwest. Although the Michelle Obama campaign may be making inroads, here in the Midwest our obesity rates seemingly keep increasing. I am thrilled for NYC- but one good turn does not a trend make. I DO hope it continues- for the sake of our children.
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  6. aviator1945
    Might there be a connection with the prohibition in New York against trans fats in resturants?
  7. Milton
    @aviator1945: It is unlikely to have anything to do with that. Trans fats are simply replaced with vegetable oil in most places that prepare and serve food, which doesn't strike me as much of a difference. And in general, the thrust of the health campaigns in New York City are to lower the consumption of fat, cholesterol, and sodium along with sugar.

    I agree with Amber. Getting people to eat less sugar is great, but New York is still very much in the camp that believes that fat and cholesterol are bad for you, and that you can never eat enough grains and starchy carbs. When they see that obesity rates are shifting downwards, they will be motivated to stick with the anti-fat, anti-cholesterol, pro-carb, pro-grain message. I doubt you will hear of butter shortages in New York. :/

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